Cassadee Pope says what we’re all thinking about dog abusing YouTuber

Cassadee Pope and pup (pic via Instagram)

Yesterday, the internet turned it’s collective attention away from global warming, mass shootings, and all the other horrible things going on in the world to rain it’s wrath down on one YouTuber who (hopefully) self-imploded her influencer status by accidentally (or was it karma?) uploading a video of her seeming to abuse her poor pup.

And Cassadee Pope has a few thoughts.

Brooke Houts uploaded a video recently that, unlike most videos by YouTubers, wasn’t primped and edited to make life seem wonderful and instead showed her trying to get her dog to behave for a “prank” she was trying to play on him. The video disturbingly showed Houts shoving, hitting, and allegedly spitting on her Doberman, Sphinx, when he wouldn’t perform the way she thought he should. It’s a good lesson that not everything you see on YouTube (or all social media for that matter) is how it appears and not everyone, despite having thousands of followers, is a very good person.

Warning (that’s probably not needed), the video is hard to watch.

Seriously, how in the world does this girl still have over 300,000 followers on YouTube? Just awful.

Anyway, after the video made the rounds and went viral and Houts had made her empty plea for people to believe that she’s a good pet owner, Cassadee Pope weighed in and said what most people were feeling.

Dear people who get animals only to try to make them insta famous and then get mad when they don’t do funny shit so they abuse them… YOU SUCK SO HARD ???

Okay, that’s probably pretty mild for what many of us were thinking, but it’s a nice PG way to put it.

Hopefully people will stop following Houts or she will stop using her dog in videos for views or something will come of this. The good news is that the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty unit is investigating, but I can’t see anything coming out of that either. Let’s just hope, if nothing else, lil Ms. Brooke Houts will at least learn her lesson and not be such a twit.