Billy Ray Cyrus is having a moment and he loves it

Billy Ray Cyrus (Photo Credit:
Derrek Kupish / dkupish productions)

If you had counted Billy Ray Cyrus out and figured he was done being at the top of his game, don’t feel bad because even Billy Ray Cyrus kind of felt the same way, or at least he figured he was done with songwriting. Thankfully, though, the elder Cyrus is having a resurgence in popularity and he couldn’t be happier about it.

Old Town Road, of course, has been a juggernaut this summer, setting records and pushing Cyrus back front and center. But he says before OTR came along, he had decided he was probably done with songwriting, telling Taste of Country, “I told myself, ‘You know, I’ve said everything I needed to say.'”

And with 16 studio albums under his belt, I can see why he would think he’d said everything there was to say through songwriting.

But then came OTR and now Cyrus is back to writing feverishly, telling TOC,  “I’ve written close to 100 songs over the past four months… I might’ve written the same song twice, but in the past 17 weeks there’s just been this flood.”

And as for the popularity that’s come along with the song, the singer is really enjoying it.

First came the news that former president Barack Obama has Old Town Road on his summer playlist, which Billy Ray found pretty cool.

“I’ve been on some lists before but never one quite like this one! Thank you Mr. President, Michelle, and the girls, Malia and Sasha.”

I've been on some lists before but never one quite like this one! Thank you Barack Obama. Thank you Michelle Obama Malia…

Posted by Billy Ray Cyrus on Sunday, August 25, 2019

Well then came word that the mullet, of all things, was making a comeback.

“Love this! That’s a great idea! Ky Waterfalls lives again! Whooooo hooooo!” he wrote on Facebook.

Love this! That's a great idea! Ky Waterfalls lives again! Whooooo hooooo!

Posted by Billy Ray Cyrus on Thursday, August 22, 2019

Come on, who wouldn’t be excited about mullets making a comeback? I know I’m excited!

Old Town Road was recently bumped out of its #1 spot on Billboard after 19 weeks on top, but let’s hope Billy Ray’s popularity surge is here to stay.