Victor Pelevin – the postmodern author who writes about political and economic reforms of the 90s in his books

Victor Pelevin is the author of many best-selling postmodern books that have become popular all over the world. In his books, Pelevin does not concentrate on creating the dialogue between the author and the reader. His style is often described as violent postmodernism because his main idea is that the reader should be the one who gives the text some meaning. It is important to keep in mind that Pelevin’s books are often multi-layered.

In case you have studied Victor Pelevin’s work at college or university, you are aware of the fact that his writing style is rather unique. Therefore, it is impossible to spot any plagiarism in his work simply because he has a clear vision of what he wants to say in his books. If you have just started learning more about this author, a fascinating literary journey is ahead of you. Victor Pelevin often deals with the issues of political and economic reforms in regards to the Soviet Union. Reading his books will help you acquire a lot of new knowledge.

One of the most popular books by Victor Pelevin is called ‘Generation P’. It tells the story of a copywriter and a creative person from Moscow named Babylen Tatarsky. The them of post-soviet Russia is perfectly described in this book together with such themes as recreational drug use and consumerism. Speaking about the topic of post-soviet Russia, Pelevin often draws a lot of attention to some very unsuccessful attempts to implement economic and political reforms in the country and the impact which it had on its citizens. Even though Russia demonstrated a few attempts to distance itself from the communist past, it had always been difficult for the nation to understand which direction they are supposed to take, especially for the older generation who viewed the Soviet Union as the only successful government system. Later on, they realized that the Soviet Union was not as great as the country leaders described it to its people. In general, a lot of his books are focused on depicting how a country fell before the eyes of its citizens who so desperately believed in the Soviet Union. The emotions which the majority of the people had to deal with once they acknowledged their harsh reality often become the center of attention in Victor Pelevin’s books.

Victor Pelevin uses irony and satire a lot, especially when he is trying to deconstruct a character from the post-soviet era. The plot usually has a lot of subplots, not to mention the fact that the author is also a fan of adding the element of mystery into his stories. What is more, Pelevin also enjoys adding various pop culture elements to better describe his characters, as well as to present setting that surrounds them.

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