Top 5 Uses For Inflatable Dinghy Boats

Dinghy boat – photo via

When you visit virtually any harbor, port, or seaside dock, you will almost always find inflatable dinghy boats.

They’ve been popular for a long time, but you may understandably wonder why dinghy boats are so common when they also seem rather flimsy and not adept at handling big waves.

But the reality is that inflatable rubber boats are probably far more useful than you realize, and there are many reasons for why they are still commonly used on rivers, lakes, and the ocean alike.

Here are the top five uses and benefits for a small inflatable dinghy boat:

1 – They Come With Cheap Maintenance and Ease of Use

One of the big reasons inflatable dinghy boats are used so often is because of the fact that they are not expensive at all to store and transport.

Since they are potable and lightweight, dinghies can be carried just about anywhere and on any vehicle. You may not even need a trailer or roof racks to take them places. In contrast to this, fiberglass boats are not so easily and cheaply stored and transported and they are also more fragile.

This means that for a quick weekend getaway to the water, dinghy boats can truly be an awesome travel companion.
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That’s also all not to mention that they are much cheaper to maintain as well. All you need to keep them clean and free of mold will literally be just soap and water, as well as a cover to protect against the harmful UV rays of the sun.

2 – They Can Handle Any Kind of Water

This one may surprise you, but small dinghy boats really can handle any kind of water and conditions, so long as they are high quality.

This includes shallow freshwater rivers to saltwater oceans and even to rough waves. Through it all, dinghy boats are also very easy to maneuver and are almost unsinkable.

3 – They Can Be Stored Anywhere

Since dinghy boats are inflatable, they can be easily deflated and stored virtually anywhere. When deflated, you can wrap the dinghy so they can fit into an overall much smaller storage space.

If you only have small space in your garage or in the back of your SUV to store your dinghy, you should be able to see the value here. Once deflated, dinghy boats are incredibly small and compact, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of storing and transporting a larger kind of boat.

4 – They Are A Great Backup Vessel To Larger Watercraft

One of the most common uses for dinghy boats is as backup vessels for larger types of boats and watercraft, either as lifeboats or just as extra boats to have around.

For both powerboats and sailboats, inflatable dinghies are often installed to use as extra more maneuverable vessels for when the time comes, such as for fishing, exploring around the area, or for going quickly to shore.

Dinghy boats are highly valued for these purposes because of their stability and agility, as well as their strength. Whether they be used as primary or secondary water vessels,

5 – They Don’t Damage Other Boats

Dinghy boats aren’t just used as backup vessels because of their stability and agility like we just went over, but also because they will to damage the other boats. When you have two boats right up against one another especially, it can result in scratches and damage to one another.

This will not be the case with dinghy boats. You can tie them right up against other ships, and you will not need to worry about marks, scratches, or anything like that.
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Furthermore, dinghy boats are also very durable, and you won’t have to run the perceived risk of the larger boats damaging the dinghy boats in any way either. Inflatable boats are light and soft, but they are also very strong.

In contrast, using fiberglass boats and anchoring them next to other ships means that you will have some repairs to look forward to later.

Uses For Dinghy Boats

As you can tell, inflatable boats definitely have their place. Being inexpensive, good backup vessels to larger watercraft, and having the ability to handle virtually any type of water, they definitely have more uses than you may have previously thought.

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