Top 10 Music Colleges in the US

There are many debates as to why young musicians need to attend college in the first place, never mind one that is aimed at a talent. The thing is that while being a musician stems from having talent, turning that talent into a career takes a lot more than just knowing how to perform. Sometimes it also takes writing. So go ahead and check out this paper writing service online.

There are music programs and degrees at many different tertiary institutions, but if you want to make it in the industry, there are a few places that rank above the rest. These colleges help build the foundation that your talent performs upon, it all depends on what you are looking for in a school.

Manhattan School of Music

More commonly known as the MSM, this college boasts some of the most prestigious music programs. With their main success in classical music, producing performers that are welcomed onto the New York Philharmonic.

While classical is where the school thrives, it also offers contemporary programs that
produce some of New York’s finest freelance performers.

Thornton School of Music

Forming part of one of the most innovative universities, the University of Southern California, the Thornton School of Music is found on the west coast of America. Which couldn’t be a better location in terms of cinematic music and performances, with Hollywood right at its doorstep?

The school has become acclaimed for its programs specifically in composition, classical guitar and even cello performers.

University of North Texas College of Music

When you think about Texas, classical music is not the first genre that comes to mind and that is evident in its music programs. This school has pushed the boundaries of musical education for many years, starting with the first school to offer a program in jazz performance.

The school also offers over a 1000 different showcase opportunities per year leaving student no excuse not to take their futures in both hands.

The Colburn School

Colburn is one of three music colleges that are completely free of tuition. This school, also located in the cultural heartland of Los Angeles, has constantly produced young musicians into the world’s top orchestras.

One of the most notable alumni of this school is Robert Lipsett, considered one of the most spectacular and influential violin teachers of all time.

Berklee College of Music

One of the top-ranking schools in terms of medicine, science, and law, Berklee also makes it into the top ten music schools of the USA. This school knows no bounds when it comes to musical genres of education.

From classical composition to jazz performance this school offers it all and more including a local Indie band that sells out regularly at the Brighton Music Hall.

Eastman School of Music

If you are after a challenge and want to get into a school that only accepts 13% of all its applicants, then Eastman is the school for you. Musical education is seen as a privilege only bestowed upon the worthiest students of the art.

On this note, to become a musician or a singer, you need to practice a lot. Not many people know that the Beatles appeared in clubs and bars performances in their early days. It’s pretty same story for many others like Ed Sheeran, Queen, etc.

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Juilliard School

The school alone has made appearances in Hollywood movies and popular television series. With characters from small towns setting their sights on one day being accepted into Juilliard and making it big.

This is not a dramatization of the school in any way as the school is famous for producing not only world-class dancers, actors but also composers and performers.

Curtis Institute of Music

This school and Juilliard are spoken about in the same breath and with the same amount of respect. The competition between these schools carries through into the industry where performers try to outrank each other depending on which school they attended.

If this type of intense competition doesn’t prepare you for trials of the industry, then there's nothing that will.

Bard College – Conservatory of Music

One of the only music schools to encourage all students to take on a double major for the duration of their 5-year programs. This is to give all their students a safety net, knowing the industry for performers is cutthroat and even the best of the best sometimes don’t even make it.

Jacobs School of Music

Lastly but certainly not least, this is the school of all schools and it certainly attracts the masses of students. This school encourages education but also pushes performers to practice and perform at every possible opportunity.

You must acknowledge that in one of the most dynamic industries, you must always be at your best and pushing the boundaries.

In Conclusion

There is a great rush when you get into the school of your dreams, even more so if it’s one that makes a top 10 list. But the greats, such as the Beatles, didn’t get to where they are today on their college education alone.

The practice is the key to becoming an incredible performer and that is why you should choose a school that promotes a well-rounded program.

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