Lena Stone Releases New Song “Kids These Days”

Country music singer-songwriter, Lena Stone, is back with the lead song off her forthcoming project, giving fans a sneak peek at what they can expect from this beautiful artist. “Kids These Days” was written by Stone, along with Ben Goldsmith and Emily Reid, and offers a reflection of life from someone in her mid-twenties.

Other than the catchy melody, what will draw listeners to this song is the relatable lyrics — no matter the generation. Yes, millenials have experiences that do not align with generations before them; however, what every adult has in common is that we are all kids at heart with wild sides, which this song perfectly embraces. Though the verses are more specific to Stone’s age group, the chorus unites people of all ages by recognizing this commonality:

Never gonna grow up. No, we ain’t ever gonna change. Maybe we’re wrong, but so what? Every generation’s the same. We’re just kids these days, kids these days.

Stone’s new project is due for an October release, and we cannot wait to see what this adorable, kind, and talented artist has in store for us! Listen to “Kids These Days” below and make sure to follow Lena Stone across all social media for announcements regarding her upcoming release!

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