Shooting after Lee Brice show causes stampede, leaves two injured

Story updated below

A fun, family-friendly event turned scary on Saturday evening after someone opened fire at the Festival Foods Shake the Lake festival in Madison, Wisconsin. The shooting injured one and took place after Lee Brice had performed and the fireworks show had concluded.

According to the local NBC affiliate, the shooting took place at about 10:30 p.m. in the John Nolen Drive tunnel in downtown Madison. As people were leaving the festival, three shots were fired which caused people to panic and stampede. One person, a 20-year-old man, was shot and one police officer was injured after falling off a concrete barrier while helping people. The man who was shot had non-life-threatening injuries and apparently knew the person who shot him.

As of Sunday, no arrests had been made.

A quick look at socials show that Lee Brice never mentioned the incident, so he was probably already long gone from the area when it all went down.

So glad everyone is okay. And hey, if you ever get the urge to take a loaded gun to a music festival, please don’t.

Update: After posting the original story, I got a little more info from a reader who had a friend at the event and they say Lee was, in fact, there.

Thanks for covering. Lee was actually still there because he was celebrating his new single “Rumor” going #1. The whole crew ran to the bus when they could break away from where they were. Turns out the shooter was hiding under their bus trailer and some of the crew guys hid fans in there to be safe. The cops never caught the guy, but I was told there was some argument and he shot the victim in the leg.

So scary. Stay safe out there, folks. People be crazy these days.