Take a listen to Kenny Chesney’s new song ‘Tip of My Tongue’

Kenny Chesney – Instagram

Kenny Chesney started out the month of July by announcing he had a new song coming up that he co-wrote with Ed Sheeran (who has a new album out today, BTW) and songwriter Ross Copperman (Drunk on your Love/Brett Eldredge, Woman, Amen/Dierks Bentley). I was super excited because I lurv me some Ed Sheeran. And now we finally get to hear the whole song.
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And it’s pretty great.

“With all the great songs that have been written in this town, I think you always want to do something a little different,” Kenny explained about Tip of My Tongue previously. “I think there’s this moment when you look at someone and you know they contain everything. You want to know everything, consume everything about them. It’s why we say ‘It’s a long way down,’ because you want to know it all. And the best part: we got a melody that feels like what’s going on lyrically. The music matches the words, and you can just drift in it.”
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So go ahead and drift on in it by taking a listen below. And be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.