Kenny Chesney gets help from Ed Sheeran for new single “Tip of My Tongue”

Kenny Chesney | Photo Credit: Danny Clinch

Like every red-blooded American mom over 40 who likes to think she’s cool but really isn’t, I love me some Ed Sheeran. And as a loud and proud country fan, I like me some Kenny Chesney. Now those two worlds are colliding and I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday, Kenny Chesney announced that his new single Tip of My Tongue had some help in the writing department from none other than Ed Sheeran.

“I’ve written so much with Ross (Copperman), that’s always easy. He brought Ed (Sheeran) in, and he is such a great writer… The way creativity works in creative people is so different, but it’s always exciting. As a co-write with a new writer, it’s one of the most fun sessions I’ve done in a long time. I get why people love working with him.”

Of course people love working with Ed. He’s awesome!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Mr. Sheeran sings on Tip of My Tongue, so booooo to that, but still excited to hear what he’s helped Kenny come up with.

Tip of My Tongue hits radio next Wednesday, July 12.