If you’re here to see why my Twitter isn’t working, let me tell you a story

Well I’m in Twitter jail and it’s my own dumbass fault.

As I sometimes do, I messed with things I didn’t need to mess with and it got me in trouble. My trouble started because for some reason I got curious about what singers I had on my Twitter lists. Twitter lists are lists of Twitter accounts you can make if you want to see tweets only from specific people. They’re handy for keeping track of famous people and what they have to say.
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While going over said Twitter lists, I noticed the birthdate listed on Twitter was January 1, 2000 or some odd number. I’m not sure where the date came from so I thought I’d be clever and change it to NashvilleGab’s launch date, 5/5/2008.

11 years.
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Great age for a blog. Terrible age for a tweeter considering you have to be 13 to own a Twitter account.

So I’m in Twitter jail until they review my drivers license. I’m 44.

I hope they find my predicament funny. And I hope they get things restored in a halfway timely manner.