Guns N Roses And Other Fun Slots For Musicians

There comes in life a few rare chances where you get to mix between several passions of yours. You find yourself presented with an opportunity to actually do more than one thing you enjoy at the same time. Playing a slot game for musicians is one of those hidden gems. Gamblers know well the thrill and rush of betting on something you enjoy, and this is why slots are one of the most entertaining gambling games out there. To have one where you could be testing your knowledge of your favorite band or music genre is just something else. These are some fun slot games for musicians.

Dolly Parton

There are plenty of musicians who sell their name right to slot games, but Dolly Parton not only does that, but also actively promotes her line of casino games. When you play Dolly Parton, you’ll even find a picture of her posing next to one of the machines on her website. You’ll find all sorts of games related to the country music legend, like “two doors down,” “spinning reels,” and “classic Dolly Parton video slots,” which features some concert clips of the singer/songwriter.

Guns N Roses

Whether it’s for November Rain, Sweet Child O Mine, or countless other hits, you probably know and love Guns N Roses. They’re one of the most famous rock bands to ever grace the stage, and they’ve got a slot game named after them as well. You can play at Temple Slots Casino, which also offers several other game options. The Guns N Roses slot game has a list of tunes you could choose from, and as you plan along, you’ll come across 5 of the band’s greatest hits.

Michael Jackson

The king of pop himself? Yes, please! This MJ slot game has memorabilia from his biggest hits including shoes, sunglasses, gloves, and much more. There’s also bonus games based on “Beat it” and “Smooth Criminal,” and there are clips from some of these songs, so you’ll definitely be more than entertained playing these games.

The Rolling Stones

Another rock legends inspired slots, this game offers concert footage between the spins of the reels and several bonus games based on the band’s greatest hits like “Start Me Up.”

Elton John

It wouldn’t make sense to have musicians’ themed slot games without the Rocket Man himself! This highly entertaining slot game features the legend’s trademark 70s shades, and it’s quite as flamboyant a slot game as you’d expect from one carrying the name Elton John.


Speaking of flamboyance and over the top antics, Kiss also have a slot game to their name. This game features Demon, Starchild, Space Ace, and Catman symbols and bonus rounds also inspired by the legendary band’s discography. If you’ve never got to see Kiss in a live concert, this is the next best thing.

Support the band

Nothing feels quite as good as supporting artists you love. Slot games do that, and most of these are licensed by the musicians themselves. Still, the best way to support a band is to attend shows, buy records, and promote their music. So, remember, if you enjoy playing these musicians’ slot games, buy their records and tell your friends about them.