Marie Kondo is now sparking joy for Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley – Instagram

Do you know that Netflix’s master clutter cleaner, Marie Kondo, has only had her popular show on Netflix since January 1? Isn’t that weird? It seems like we’ve been getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark joy for at least two or three years. But nope, it’s only been seven months.

Well Dierks Bentley may be a little late to the party but he’s now getting his joy on thanks to the teeny tiny tidying titan herself.

In a recent interview with Kix Brooks of American Country Countdown, Dierks reveals that he has finally figured out how to tackle his clutter problem with the help of Ms. Kondo.

“You know who I’ve become a big fan of—I hate to even admit this because a lot of guys out there are probably gonna give me some grief—but there’s this Japanese [organizing consultant and author] Marie Kondo,” says Dierks. “She’s all about [getting rid] of clutter and tidying up. I’ve gathered so much stuff. Every night, I get slipped . . . like this bracelet I’m wearing right now in honor of the Granite Mountain Hot Shots. I get coins from military guys. I get paintings that a nine-year-old painted of my dog that passed away. I gather so much stuff, you know? And, it all comes back into my house. It’s like a ship that is just bursting at the seams.”
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Dierks is so into decluttering now that he even took time to explain Kondo’s technique.

“So you’ve gotta go through things, and just figure out what’s bringing you joy, what’s sparking joy, and what’s not,” says Dierks. “For me, you know, seeing a gold record with my name on it, it doesn’t spark the same joy as it did for me as when I first got one, and I’d rather see, honestly, like a drawing that my five-year-old made. That has more value to me right now. It has nothing to do with not being grateful. It’s just recognizing what brings you joy, and it’s just the little interactions with people. This bracelet that someone gave me, a fan gave me, that means more to me than a plaque would mean to me.”
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Sounds like the singer is at the point in his career where he may need to start an official Dierks Bentley museum or something.

Anyway, if you still have no idea who Marie Kondo is, the trailer for her show is below. You can catch all episodes  of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo exclusively on Netflix. And if you’re already a Marie Kondo convert, the new season of Tidying Up hits Netflix January 1, 2020.