Chuck Wicks is marrying Jason Aldean’s sister today

Chuck Wicks and Kasi Rosa – Instagram

A big congratulations going out to Chuck Wicks and his lovely fiancée Kasi Williams who are getting hitched (or maybe have already done the deed) today in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Chuck announced in an Instagram post earlier this week that he and Kasi – who happens to be Jason Aldean’s sister – were getting married within the next week. The Ty Bentli Show, the show that Chuck works on, filled in the blanks on the official who, what, when, and where.

After getting engaged in March, Chuck Wicks and fiancée Kasi Williams—who is the younger sister of Jason Aldean—will get married in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on July 12.

Chuck told NCD (Nash Country Daily) that he expects 103 people at the destination wedding that will take place in the evening.

After the wedding, Chuck and Kasi will head to Maui, Hawaii, for their week-long honeymoon. And if you’re wondering what’s on the menu at the reception dinner, we’ve got ya covered: sea bass and filet mignon.
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Chuck, who recently celebrated his 40th birthday, and Kasi have been dating since 2018.

The pair have been keeping fans updated in the days leading up to their wedding, each posting several photos to Instagram (Kasi’s here and Chuck’s here), so I’m sure once they’re officially man and wife, one of them will share the news with fans.
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As for Kasi’s famous big brother, Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany (Insta), they’re both in Cabo for the wedding and are also sharing breathtaking photos from the area.

This will be Chuck’s first marriage, although he was previously engaged to former “Dancing With The Stars” pro (and former country singer) Julianne Hough. Kasi was previously married to Bill Morstad.

Congrats again to the happy couple.

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