Country superfan Chris Pratt named his adorable new pigs Tim and Faith

Chris Pratt – Instagram

Guardians of the Galaxy actor Chris Pratt is a huge country music fan, and an even bigger Tim McGraw fan. So when Chris got a couple of new pets for his birthday, he thought Tim and Faith would be the perfect names. The pets? A couple of furry pigs.


Chris recently got married to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Katherine, and when the pair got back from their Hawaii honeymoon Katherine got Chris the “best birthday present ever” in the form of two adorable KuneKune piglets. Chris immediately chose the names Tim and Faith after country music’s long-married supercouple “because they’re beautiful and their love is palpable and inspiring.”


And no worries, Chris won’t be making bacon out of Tim and Faith anytime soon. He says the two piglets, which will grow to between 100 to 400 pounds, will live forever on Pratt’s farm/sanctuary on Washington’s San Juan Island.

Long live Tim and Faith! May the mud always be wet and the butcher be far.

And just in case you missed it a couple of years ago, here’s the funny story Chris told Seth Meyers about the time he met Tim at the Oscars.

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