Animal shelter gets the gift of free adoptions from Miranda Lambert

Miranda welcomes two new friends to her menagerie, Frida and Selena, adopted from Metro Nashville Animal Care and Control. Photo via Facebook

Miranda Lambert is spreading the love and playing furry godmother to an animal shelter in Massachusetts. As a result, the shelter is waiving their adoption fees until next week and making this the summer of love for a bunch of lucky pets.

As part of the 2019 “Mutts Across America” campaign, Miranda’s MuttNation has provided $150,000 in grants to 50 shelters around the country (one in every state). The Scituate Animal Shelter in Plymouth County, Massachusetts received a few thousand dollars and is putting that donation to good use by waiving their adoption fees until July 19th.

So amazing!

If you live in the area and want to give a deserving animal a new home, you can check out the shelter’s adoptable pets by visiting here. If you’d like to help Miranda make more of these happy stories a reality, you can donate to her MuttNation here.

And as always, adopt don’t shop.

Expert advice on how to find your cat quickly

Nothing is more disarming to an owner than losing a cat. In this difficult situation combining sadness and hopelessness, it is normal to be unsure of what to do to get your feline back. If you don’t know what do with a missing cat, here are some expert tips that may help you track it down. Just follow them carefully to find your pet as soon as possible. But first, make sure that your cat is no longer located anywhere inside your home. If his disappearance is confirmed, follow these instructions:

Report your cat’s loss

It is the same case if it is a cat, a dog, a ferret, or any other domestic carnivore. It is necessary to notify the pound, veterinarians, and shelters, or other professionals in this field located nearby.
In addition to these entities, don’t forget to fill out the loss declaration form available on the I-CAD website (national directory identifying domestic carnivores). This is provided that your cat was initially identified and registered in this registry before it was lost.

To start looking for it to the entourages

By soliciting the help of your relatives, you can make a few rounds of search at least once a day. If he hides, you can attract him with his favorite candy, fish, or chicken meat. Do not hesitate to search in the bushes, public sewage pipes within a short distance from your house.

Otherwise, once night falls, keep his bowl outside and fill it with food to tempt him to return to your home. Especially if you have recently been harsh with your cat by scaring him away.

Either way, don’t forget to create physical visual posters or digital ads. These tools will be a great help to find your cat quickly. Share lost cat ads on specialized sites and post physical notices in all the corners near your home.