And Sam Hunt’s big news is …..

Sam Hunt/Instagram

On Tuesday, Sam Hunt uploaded a countdown clock to his Instagram page.  And fans went wild with speculation.

What could it be? A new single? A new album? A new baby? New music for a new baby?

What could it be!?!

Well today the countdown clock counted down to zero and we found out that Sam’s officially playing a show in Canada.

LOL! Yes, really.

Anticlimactic and funny all at the same time.

Anyhoo, for the second year in a row Sam has teamed up with Bud Light for a special show. This go around, he’ll be playing for the Bud Light House Party Tour 2 with his performance taking place in Calgary on September 19. No other details are available just yet, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing much more in the months to come.

Totes exciting, ehhh?

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