How Rise of Mobile Apps is Helping to Make Our Lives Easier

In today’s world, the Smartphone has become an absolutely crucial part of everyone’s lives. It is a device which has kept us connected to the world on the go with just a click. The click is on the apps that have made everyone’s life easier and today, almost everything can be done in a Smartphone. Apps or applications, as they were launched,
are the heart and soul of a Smartphone and it is nothing without the apps. Think of anything that involves in the daily life of a person and all necessary supporting apps are available for download.

What are the possibilities of these apps? Want to stay fit, an app is available. Want to track your sleep schedule; an app is here for it. Want to stay hydrated but you do not remember because of the daily life stress? Download an app. Are you the owner of a company but always on the move and need to track the performance of your staff? Go
to the play store and check available apps for downloading. Hence, without any doubt, it can be said that almost anything and everything can be done via apps. Even mobile casinos have come up with apps.

Talking about the history of apps, it has not even been a decade that Google and Apple have come up with their own app stores. Apps have since then come a long way from their advent as high processing networks are also giving super services. As CNBC specialist Chris Morris said that the technology has been improving daily and
streamlining our day-to-day activities. It is making things easier in the long run. According to him, there is an app for everything, be it ordering food, creating a grocery list, checking the account for balance, etc.

It is important to know how apps have had a deep impact on people’s lives in a positive manner. Slowly and steadily, with new apps coming up in the market, the way of living has gradually changed. Many types of research and reports have been worked upon as a part of studies to validate many kinds of data. We Are Social and Hootsuite have published a 106-page testimony which has claimed that the world’s one-third population, 2.549 billion people, has access to all apps. This figure, since last year, has risen up by 30 percent which makes it an additional 581 million.
Furthermore, the most surprising part is that from the 2.549 billion users, 1.441 billion belong to the Asia Pacific region.

Studies have also been made on how much time people spend on apps on their phones. Flurry Analytics has conducted research and they have claimed that the amount of time is simply baffling. According to them, on a daily basis, people spend 3 hours and 40 minutes using different apps and almost 27 percent is spent only on
social media apps. However, the variety in usage and download is much lesser with around 4 million apps available on both Google and Apple play stores and only 36 are constantly installed by regular users. The next catch here s amongst these 36 apps, 26 is being used regularly and the rest are unused but installed.

Having said that, the term ‘regularly’, is used to further explain that the frequency is once a month. What happens to the rest of the installed apps? As per reports, the daily usage will not even cross 10-12 apps. Therefore it can be said that of the 36 apps that are installed only 25 percent is being used once in 6 months. These reports are based on the proper study and it results in a very simple fact that people are chained to these apps for our regular day to day activities. They have become a part of everyone’s lives just like any other natural doing.

The University of Washington has conducted a study and has justified how these apps have mingled in our daily lives. They have shown that an average user, who is tech-savvy, sleeps for almost 6 hours and has almost 349 encounters in 18 hours with all apps. Assuming this normally starts every morning as every person picks up their
phone and checks their apps after they wake up. It has been reported that 93.8 percent of users check their calendar apps and email to check their schedule and appointments. Next, they use music apps to start off their morning; book cabs for rides to their office and during the commute check their social media for updates.

This encounter has seen a drop down during the day, which simply means they are engaged in their office works and this trend again picks up in the evening. By late evening this entire occurrence just goes sky high and remains so till late night or even early morning. These interactions and studies have proved that the way a person is engrossed in these apps; the lifestyle has changed from earlier times. The positive points that happened are with the availability of these apps people have become much more aware of everything about and around them.

Awareness in the form, that people have become conscious regarding their health and have got workout apps or trackers which give them the direction and motivation to remain fit. For people who like to cook and experiment, there are apps for different kinds of recipes from all over the world, which help them to enhance their culinary
skills. Not only this, but mobile apps have made booking doctor appointments also easier that too with star ratings and review, so one knows which doctor to go for during any problem.

Without a doubt, mobile apps will keep growing and remain for a much longer period of time as this was a revolution that has happened. Mobile apps are getting launched and need a lot of back end work to make it a hit and developers are continuously thinking about user-friendly options. These apps keep people connected to each other via text messages, calls, video calls, etc. Additionally, bill payments have become easier and so is the internet technology and security for the users to make sure users and happy and content.