Check out the new Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton song Dive Bar (as sung by a random YouTuber)

Garth Brooks / Instagram

Garth Brooks is one of those rare artists who is big enough that he doesn’t need to rely on YouTube or Spotify or any of the other normal means to get his music out into the world and heard. He just records, releases, and the Gods of Fame and Fortune do their thing and Garth makes bank.

Unfortunately for fans, it’s sometimes hard to hear new music from Garth until you hear it on the radio. Case in point, he and Blake Shelton have a new single out called Dive Bar. Fans have been chomping at the bit to hear the new song, but had to wait until it had its world premiere on Tuesday. But there’s a problem. What do you do if you have no chance to listen to the radio? I guess you’re screwed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

See, even with the world premiere done and over with, all you’re able to hear by searching for the song is a snippet. Unless, of course, you subscribe to Amazon Music (who has an exclusive deal with Garth), then you can probably hear the song in its entirety.

So what’s a Garth fan to do when you can’t find a way to hear his latest and greatest new offering? Well, just head to YouTube where his music doesn’t stream but where the cover songs are plentiful and sometimes pretty great.

Check out Jim Gegner doing a wonderful cover of Dive Bar, or at least I assume it’s a great cover since I haven’t actually heard the original. He unfortunately doesn’t sing the Blake Shelton part in a different voice, but I’ll let that slide since I enjoyed this so much.

On a side note, Garth and Blake are going to perform the song together for the first time in July in my neck of the woods in Boise, Idaho. Fingers crossed I’ll be there front and center and will maybe finally get to hear their version.