Casey James raising funds for next album with Kickstarter

Casey James – via press release

Casey James is doing a little online busking and is raising money for his next album with the help of Kickstarter.

James, who was the third place finisher on season 9 of American Idol,  released his first album as an independent artist back in 2017 after a split from Sony NashvilleStrip It Down was made possible because of Kickstarter, and so Casey has returned to the fan-backed route to release his next album. The All or Nothing campaign ends on July 1.

“Having the fans involved absolutely makes the difference for me in terms of how I make records and what those records accomplish,” said James. “So, it just makes sense to me to come back to Kickstarter and do it again.

James continued, “I’d never experienced anything as amazing as having fans fuel an entire record, but that’s EXACTLY what happened with Strip It Down, and it was huge in so many ways for me. It’s such a great feeling to be able to make the music that I want to make and to know that I’m finally connecting the dots between my heart, my music, and my fans. I’ve been getting so much great feedback from everyone in regards to the new material, and I can’t wait to get in the studio and record it.”

Fans who are expecting a country Casey may be surprised to learn he’s now leaning into blues. Fans who embraced Strip It Down will appreciate the next album as he says the approach for the second recording will be very similar to the first. If you’d like to hear Casey’s current sound, check out the video below. It’s pretty damn sexy if you ask me.

Fans who would like to support Casey can head over to Kickstarter to donate to the project.