Carrie Underwood sued over Sunday Night Football song

Carrie Underwood in happier NFL times

Well this ain’t good.

TMZ is reporting that Carrie Underwood along with her producer Mark Bright, NBC, the NFL and more are being sued for copyright infringement after being accused of stealing the newest theme song for Sunday Night Football.

Singer-songwriter Heidi Merrill’s lawsuit says that back in 2016 she wrote a song called Game On that was uploaded to YouTube in March of 2017. Merrill, who had some success with her song Cornhusker Strong a few years prior, says she was hoping to find more success in the sports music genre.  Her lawsuit claims that in August of 2017, Merrill met producer Mark Bright at a Nashville event and she asked if Carrie might be reworking the Sunday Night Football opener in the near future. She later submitted her song Game On to Bright, but nothing came out of that submission.

Well except for some song-stealing shenanigans, if you believe the lawsuit.

Skip ahead to September of 2018 and Carrie, her team, NBC, and the NFL started teasing a brand new Sunday Night Football theme song. That song was later revealed to be called Game On.

Merrill admits that the songs aren’t identical, but are similar enough to warrant a lawsuit. TMZ says the lawsuit doesn’t mention a dollar amount for damages that Merrill is seeking, but we’re pretty sure it’ll be enough to make Carrie cry pretty.

Both songs are posted below. What do you think?