5 Easy Tips to Help You Study Better

If there’s one thing that college brings everybody, it’s plenty of studying. That can be quite a challenge for many. It can be particularly challenging for those that didn’t need to study much in high school. The good news is that positive academic habits can be learned. Here, we are going to take a look at some of those positive habits to help prepare you for the semester.

1. Take Advantage of the Resources at Your Disposal

In college, there are a lot of resources at a student’s disposal. The most common example is tutoring. Most universities offer this free on-campus. If they don’t, there are usually other attendees at your university will offer their services. These sessions can help an individual grasp content they’re struggling with.

There are also blogs with writing tips that can be useful. Essays are a big part of college life. This doesn’t mean you have to muddle through that APA paper on your own. Students can use blog posts like these to learn the guidelines and format. They can even find urgent essay writing service to help them write and edit papers. Reading tips or getting help from a writing service isn’t all you can do. Many benefit from reading other pieces of writing in the format assigned. This way, you can get an idea of the flow your paper is supposed to have.

2. Take the Time to Get Organized

This point can’t be overstated: organization is key in college. To start, use a calendar, planner, or an app. Apps are particularly helpful because they aren’t going to get lost and they give you real-time notifications. First, schedule in classes and significant assignments or tests. A class syllabus can usually give an idea of when important dates are.

As for organizing notes, colored pens and highlighters are a popular choice. It’s also better to handwrite notes even if you’re copying them from a typed version. This will help a student think critically and process what they’ve written.

3. Cramming Isn’t Helpful

We all know it happens eventually. A student puts off getting ready for an assignment that makes up a huge percentage of their grade. Fast forward to 4 a.m., and they’re surrounded by empty coffee cups and an array of notes. Unfortunately, they probably aren’t going to get too much out of this overnight session.

This partially comes back to the organization. Make sure that there’s plenty of time to study before an assignment. Additionally, leave time for breaks. Studying is most effective when you’re refreshed and awake. To stay alert, give yourself 10 minutes away from computers and textbooks for every hour of work.

4. Don’t Give Up After a Bad Grade

It’s very easy and even more common for an individual to sum up a bad grade to “I’m just not good at this course.” This can be even more deflating if it’s the first test or assignment of the semester. However, giving up after this isn’t going to save your GPA. On the contrary, it’s an excellent way to lower it.

Instead, take a critical look at what happened to improve in the future. Was there a study tactic that didn’t work? Did you study long enough? Use these findings to change what you do in the future. Those resources we looked at in our first point can be a great help at this point.

5. Find Friends

There are a few reasons to make a friend in every class. Of course, it’s a good way to put yourself out there and make connections that could last a lifetime. It can also be helpful on an academic level. Networking with other students can create study groups which, for some, are more beneficial than working alone.

It’s also likely that you aren’t going to make it to every single class in the semester. After all, things come up. Sick days, conflicting appointments, or even simply oversleeping can equal the occasional absence. With a friend, though, you can still get the content from the day you missed.


Student life has plenty of challenges. This is especially true if a student jumps in blind. Luckily, with the tips we’ve looked at here, you’re prepared for any task or test a professor asks for in their class.