10 Latest Beard Styles and How to Manage Them

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Growing a beard is not just about letting it wildly cover your face. You must also find a style that suits your face to rock that beard well to avoid looking ridiculous. In the same manner, you take time to identify the best pubic hair trimmers, you must also keenly pick the best clippers for your facial hair. This is the only way to achieve a look you will be proud of each time you look at the mirror. Below, you will find the latest beard styles and tips on how to manage them.

     1. Scruff

Also known as a stubble beard, this is a style that many men can wear. It fully covers the sides of your chin and the mustache area as well. This gives you a bit of grit and texture. You can achieve this by letting the beard grow for at least 3 days.

     2. Boxed Beard

This is a short beard style made popular by emperors and Roman army officers in the 3rd century AD. It has never gone out of style especially for males who love a refined rugged look. The beard starts from where the sideburns end fully covering the chin and upper lip.

     3. Balbo

This only covers the crevice on the lower lip and the center of the chin. It is also complemented by a meticulously done mustache. To achieve this look you must first grow out the beard for at least a month and then cut off all the other parts of the beard.

     4. Faded Cut

This is a simple and classic look where the beard fades into the sideburns with a goatee that is closely shaven. You can make things interesting by adding a side part. You only need a little hair for this look.

     5. Goatee

A fraction of a full beard, the goatee is the go-to style for “bad boys”. For this, you only leave hairs at the top of the upper lip, a little on the lower lip, and some on the jawline. It works best for menfolk with angular slim faces.

     6. Natural Beard

This is where you grow a long, voluminous, dense and neat beard. Maintenance is super easy because all you need to do is let the beard grow as you trim it to keep it in shape. It’s ideal for individuals whose beards grow at a speedy rate.

     7. Dutch Style

Ancient Greeks wore this as a sign of masculinity. Abraham Lincoln also stole this style and made it his signature look. It involves growing a thick beard all the way from the sideburns and the upper lip. With this, you do not grow a mustache.

     8. Full Beard

Beard enthusiasts are always rocking this style. It requires you to grow the beard all over your face. You can trim the hairs on the side of your face and leave the ones on your chin to grow to their full potential. Just remember to shape the hairs well for a gorgeous end result.

    9. Beardstache

This is where you grow the mustache in a way that it is fuller and longer than the other surrounding hairs. It is a polarizing style that falls in the middle of a full beard and a stubble.

10. Imperial

This is one of the styles that is making a fast comeback. To rock this, you must completely shave off the hairs on the chin and let the mustache and the sides grow thick and full.

Closing Remarks

If you are not too sure about the style to wear, you can always experiment with a couple until
you identify the look you desire.