Skyler Day Is “Honest” In Her New Song (Listen!)

If you poll country music listeners, the vast majority would tell you they love the genre for its honesty and storytelling. Singer, songwriter, and actress, Skyler Day, released her new song today, and if those qualities are what draw you to music, look no further than “Honest.”

In this stripped down, raw, emotional ballad, Day beautifully and peacefully sings about putting an end to a relationship that was breaking her down. The lyrics paint the picture of an emotionally abusive, destructive, and neglectful relationship where, try as she might, she was never going to live up to the lofty and unrealistic expectations placed on her by her significant other. As we often hear in these scenarios, the abuser points a finger at the victim; and in Day’s interpretation, she is belittled with the explanation of him “just being honest.”

Though the imagery is sad and painful as you listen to the lyrics of the song, the real story here is that of strength. When enough becomes enough, the tables turn, a dose of honesty is returned, and an empowered woman decides to stand up for herself and move on with her life. The intelligently and powerfully written chorus summarily describes the fall and finality of the relationship:

So go ahead call me heartless and tell me you’re just being honest. Oh, wrap it up in a bow and call it whatever you want, ’cause I was never gonna be what you wanted, oh, what you wanted, no. I’m sick and tired of killing myself to live for you. Don’t mind me, I’m just being honest.

Day’s stunning vocals will cause you to put this song on repeat, while the spectacularly crafted lyrics and melody will involuntarily end up looping through your head after a first listen. If you do nothing else today, acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with the incredible Skyler Day, and do it by streaming her new song, “Honest,” by clicking here: