Entertainment in the Era of Excess

The concept of six degrees of separation is interesting to ponder when thinking about how interlinked various social circles are. This concept certainly applies to an individual who does not subscribe to streaming services. If you are someone that falls into this rare camp, the likelihood of an immediate friend having an account is incredibly high. Streaming television shows and other forms of entertainment has taken the entire world by storm. Since multiple streaming services are competing for the attention of consumers, there is more content available now than ever. With there being a nearly endless amount of entertainment at your disposal, you may have experienced something referred to as analysis paralysis. Determining what to watch with your loved ones has become a new problem for these companies to solve.

Returning to Older Shows

It is Friday night, and you have finally finished what you considered to be a reasonably tiresome week. You do not feel like going out, so you decide to load up your favorite streaming service on your smart TV. The first decision happens once the dashboard loads, and it pertains to watching either a movie or television show. Scrolling through exciting content produced by the likes of individuals like David Guilllod, you become overloaded by the number of choices available. Instead of venturing to uncharted territory and binging a new series, you find yourself clicking a classic sitcom. Shows that have reached the coveted syndication status on streaming platforms are seeing an uptick in activity. In a world of endless entertainment, you most likely do not want to waste time on a show you could potentially dislike.

Understanding Streaming Algorithms

Popular streaming services use artificial intelligence to curate content you will enjoy based on your past viewing habits. Based on how data collection works across the internet, the accuracy provided by the algorithms cannot be considered surprising. After binging a show in record time, the recommended shows that appear after the credits roll would make you believe someone was reading your mind. While these algorithms will continue to improve, at this time, they are not able to predict what you would like at a particular moment. You may have invited someone over that has an entirely different viewing pattern, and your custom algorithm will not suit this situation well. Defaulting to a safe option frequently occurs in this scenario also.

Picking Popular Content

Before streaming services took over visual entertainment, people were generally forced to watch similar channels if they chose to indulge in television. There are loyalists for older shows that can quote multiple episodes in unison. They either shared these viewing experiences or enjoyed these shows with loved ones. Either way, these shows reach the upper echelon of entertainment because of the communities that manifest from them. In this digital age, shows become divided by digital lines and your streaming subscriptions. To create a similar form of community around entertainment, you may find yourself watching certain shows to speak to another person about them.