8 tips to fight against your fears

Fight your fear

Do you find yourself in your daily life struggling with issues that for some people might appear simple, but are total nightmares to you? Driving a car, lighting up a fire, passing by dogs or swimming. These are ‘normal’ daily errands for most of the common mortals that might scare someone else than you. The same way these are mentioned, many other fears take place in people’s mind and routines. When facing your fears, the possibility of you getting anxious and to get a panic attacks might arise, so you should never forget to look for some specialized help. Each situation is different, and you might need some support to overcome what is blocking you.

However, some fears are easier to fight. If there is no need for medical care and some other approaches, here are 8 tips that will make you successfully fight against your fears.

  1. Take time out

When you are flooded with fear or anxiety, it is impossible to think clearly. The first thing to do is to take time out so you can physically and mentally calm down. Distract yourself in a healthy way by taking a walk, having a cup of tea or a hot bath. Some situations might need more time than just a couple of hours. Don’t overthink about the situation and face it as part of yourself, part of something you can deal with. Take one, two weeks, or if needed, some months.

  1. Breathe through panic

If you start to get a fast heartbeat or sweating, the finest thing to do is not fighting it. Allow yourself to feel it, stay where you are and feel the panic itself. Start to breath slowly and deeply. It is scientifically proved that as much oxygen as you can inhale, the calmer your body will react. The goal is to help the mind to get used to coping with the panic. Try breathing techniques and take advantage of the natural element we have in the air.

  1. Imagine the worst

The more you chase the fear and investigate it, the more it will run away. As you think about it as a simple situation that you must deal with, it will help you to consider it ‘normal’ and no longer a fear. Study your reactions, understand them and naturalize it. Everyone has their own issues, don’t punish yourself for being afraid. Accept it and imagine the worst-case scenario.

  1. Look at the evidence

It might be helpful to challenge some fearful thoughts. For example, if you are afraid of driving, imagine yourself in the position of a driver doing step by step the process in your mind. Go for a drive with someone you trust, someone who doesn’t make you feel anxious and knows how to deal with the situations in a calm way. Ask them to drive so you can watch, ask questions, clear doubts and normalize the procedure. Take your time to reflect and to be calm.

  1. Don’t try to be perfect

Life is full of stressful situations, yet many people feel that their lives are perfect. They are not. Bad days and set backs are normal to each one of us and it is important to remember that life is messy. In the driving fear example: everyone makes mistakes in everything, so don’t punish yourself if someone horns or insults you in the traffic. Do what you think is the best way for you to face the situation, according to the rules. Don’t mind the others when it comes to a destructive behaviour. They will be able to hold their horses.

  1. Talk about it

Understanding that other people might be in the same situation as yours, or that you are not alone, will always be important. You will feel less afraid and more confident. Call a friend, talk to your family or just some unknown person in the queue of the supermarket. If you want to go deeper in the question, consulting a psychologist is also a great alternative depending on the cases.

  1. Take care of your mind and body

To cope with anxiety and problems, lots of people turn to alcohol or drugs. You don’t need that in your life. Have a good night of sleep, eat healthy, drink water and exercise. These small gestures will boost your life in ways you don’t even think about.

  1. Reward yourself

Give yourself a treat. Love yourself to the point you give to you a gift after accomplishing your goals or overcoming your fears. Reinforce your success by having a massage, buying some new clothes, eating out or whatever makes you happy. Celebrate your victories and start to believe more in yourself.

Author: Ines Marinho