Trendiest Hair Color Ideas This Year

The fashion industry is really changing so fast. When it comes to hair colour, things are even worse since the changes happen every day where different hair color ideas are born and tomorrow disappear. Thanks to social media, we can now track what comes and goes. We have seen our friends, celebrities or social media influencers rock the similar dye jobs. And that keeps us asking how we can always bring in the next hair colour before people get used to one particular shade.

We researched and compiled some of the most wearable and fashionable hair color ideas for 2019. Each dye job is done differently. Some take time to achieve and need an expert to do but others you can comfortably DIY. Take a look at these stunning ideas.

1. Faded Pastel.

We love this faded pastel hair colour trend since it is more of wash and go. It doesn’t need much commitment to styling.

2. Cool Brunet.

This cool brunette works perfectly on anyone with brown hair. However, it is upon you to select the correct-toned colour.

3. Chilli Chocolate.

When autumn comes, you know you have to rock something close to that. And there is no better combination apart from reds and gingers. But chilli chocolate hair is the best choice for most of us who don’t like going fully to a particular colour. The blend is a combination of auburn colour and chocolate brown. It is a certain hair colour idea to steal the show.

4. Mauve Champagne Hair.

Are you exploring a better way to transform your blonde hair? There are so many hair color ideas you can choose but this mauve champagne tops in the list — the colour changes depending on the intensity of light exposed to it.

5. Mulled Wine Hair.

Just the way we like ‘drinking’ red wine during the winter, you will totally fall in love with this new hair colour trend. It is a multi-dimensional hue, and that implies it rocks all skin tones.

6. Toasted Coconut Hair.

This is for brunettes out there who want to experiment with something saturated. This colour trend which is taking the social medium on full force is vibrant, with a dark base that gradually changes and fades into more blonde ends. We are really falling in love with this new hair trend, and the reason is obvious.

7. Coffee Balayage.

This is among favorite hair color ideas that everyone is talking about. We really like the concept used here. The coffee balayage resembles the original technique but utilising coffee shades from the grey espresso to sleek latte colours, blending to make this shinny bob your dream colouring technique.

8. Gem Roots.

This is the current trend for women obsessed with crystal-like hairstyles. From magenta to pastel colours of pink and green and brown blonde tips, it looks like it won’t work, but surprisingly, it does.

9. Fruit Juice Hair.

Another hair colour trend that will make brunettes upgrade their looks instantly. The hair colour is typically a mixture of blended fruit colours. It is undoubtedly a significant thing this summer.

10. Rose Brown.

This is another pastel trend that brunettes can associate themselves with and proudly. Rather than opting to dye bright colours on your hair, this will work better for you. You can quickly achieve it by use of different combination of colour bleach.

11. Ghosted Hair.

This beautiful look isn’t a dating look as many women think, but rather what is enveloped in the shadow of the stunning colour. What makes it stand from silver and platinum is the inclusion of oyster white, quartz and carbon that you can only see at a close range. This hair colour idea is definitely going to be hip in 2019.

12. Strawberry Blonde.

This hair colour trend is Emma’s signature. This year, she has updated it and given a break to copper.

13. Golden Blonde.

If you are not yet prepared to embrace full platinum, there are better hair color ideas for you. This golden blonde is safe landing for you. Style it on messy curls, and you will get that beachy vibe.