Essay Writing Help: 5 Ways To Strengthen Your Argument In An Essay

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Writing a good argument essay can be challenging for a student especially in the case whereby they do not know how to precisely present their argument. The claim acts as the central idea of the essay, and therefore, it should be presented in the thesis section of the essay to ensure that the reader gets a clear picture of what you intend to write about. Hence, this article will focus on five methods that a student can use in regard to make a perfect essay writing and to know what makes a strong argument in essay.

Specify your position

Based on how to build an argument in an essay, it is important to ensure that you make your argument clear. This makes it easy for the reader to know what your essay is talking about. Various argumentative essay tips present the fact that the initial step to specifying a position when writing an essay is to choose a topic that interests you. There are plenty of argumentative essay topics from which you can choose from. Ensure that the position is not ambiguous so that you can be able to brainstorm through your ideas without any challenges. The argument essay structure begins with a statement of the position which in turn, enables the writer to focus on specific points that will strengthen their position.

Give a clear outline of the counterargument

Regarding how to present a counter-argument, it is important to explore both sides of the chosen topic to ensure that you come up with the necessary ideas that will be presented in the essay. The presentation of the counterargument is made easy by weighing the doubts that the reader might have. As a result, you come up with a counterargument that will not be easily challenged by the opponent. There are plenty of argumentative essays across the internet that can be used as samples of how to make a strong argument in an essay. As well, it is necessary not to entertain any objection but rather come up with an essay that portrays you as a person that is interested in knowing the truth instead of a writer that is focused on scoring good points.

Forming the counterargument

Writing a good argumentative essay with counter argument requires the writer to plan their ideas well by ensuring that they flow with the topic. There are many ways which you can use to form your counterargument. For instance, the counterargument can be presented in the introductory paragraph whereby the writer talks about the two opposing claims that will be discussed in the essay. Alternatively, you can address them in a paragraph below the introduction or even address each of the positions in different paragraphs. What matters is ensuring that the points are clearly outlined in order to prepare the reader on their expectations. However much a counterargument is in the essay, it is important to ensure that you do not overdo it but instead. Focus on justifying the essay’s argument with as much evidence as possible. Focusing on the justification of the counterargument changes the importance of the essay. Essay pro reviews can help with this. 

Getting evidence

Regarding how to write a good argument, the writer has to ensure that they have gathered all the necessary information before they commence on writing the essay. This is done by removing emotions from the writing process and focusing on facts about the topic. It is due to this reason that the writer should choose a topic that they are familiar with. Such topics make it easy for a writer to search for ideas and brainstorm among them to come up with the best fit for the essay. Leon Edmunds, experienced academic writer at EduJungles, said, “There are plenty of resources that you can use to gather strong ideas about the topic. Among them are books, journal articles, and website information among others. A well-researched idea presents as a stronger argument as compared to assumed ideas. Therefore, before you begin the essay argument, ensure that you have gathered as much information as possible to guide you the writing process. Sufficient evidence will also reduce the challenging of failing to meet the required number of words due to the lack of information.”

Cite and don’t exaggerate the evidence

It can be challenging on how to form an argument due to the existence of a personal point of view and logical conclusions. Many writers have a challenge in differentiating on when to include their emotions in the writing process and when not to. A logical conclusion is obtained from researched information and usually consists of facts. It is such ideas that should be included in the argument in writing to ensure that you present your readers with facts about the chosen topic. However important logical conclusions might be in an argumentative essay; it is important to ensure that you do not overuse them. This is where critical thinking skills come in. After researching information, the writer ought to critically analyze in to ensure that they come up with perfect and easy to comprehend ideas. In addition, such ideas ought to be properly cited because they are not your original piece of work. To ensure that you do not exaggerate the evidence, it is necessary to include a little emotion in writing research papers to help in convincing the reader about your arguments. As well, do not make up any evidence but rather, let your emotions be guided by researched facts.

Forming a good counterargument can be a great challenge for most students. However, following the above methods would make it easy for them to come up with good quality essays. These are just a few of the numerous methods that a student can use in order to write a perfect argumentative essay. For more information about the tips of writing a good counterargument, check out what writers at White Essay have outlined. The choice of the best method depends on the writer’s capacity, and hence, it is important for the writer to choose a method that is easy to work with. Combining different methods contributes to the writers ability to come up with a  good quality essay.