5Ways To Improve Your Drumming—And Benefit from Music Therapy

To Improve Your Drumming—And Benefit from Music Therapy You don’t become an amazing drummer by accident –you must put in hard work and dedication to get to the level you wish to be at. Whether you are a beginner or advanced drummer, there is always room for improvement and skill refinement.

Drumming is such a beneficial passion to have because it reduces anxiety, stress, and has been shown to accelerate physical healing. If you’re even considering purchasing your first set of drums, we encourage you to check out Drum of Center Portsmouth (DCP). Obtaining the perfect drum set from DCP is quick, simple, and affordable!

After you get your hands on the right set for you, use these following 5tips to become the best percussionist you can be while benefiting from some well-needed music therapy:

1. Basics, Basics, Basics!

It’s never a bad idea to go back to basics. In fact, even advanced players need to do this occasionally, to refine their skills. If you are a beginner,then this is an area you need to focus on carefully to make sure you develop good habits.

Mastering the basics in drum playing sets the foundation of your drumming career or hobby. It’s only then that you can develop your playing and refine your skills. Before taking your playing to the next level focus on:

  • Improving single & double strokes
  • Working on key rudiments such as paradiddle and five-stroke roll
  • Focus on drumming with consistency, dynamic, and solid time

2. Improve Fitness & Diet

You may be asking yourself how exercise and eating healthy can benefit your playing ability. Studies have shown that sitting behind a drum set for about 90 minutes requires the same stamina that a professional football player needs through a full game!

Yes, drumming is intense,and if you want to be the best performer you can be, consider fitness.It will bring several benefits like improving reflexes, protecting you from injuries, and enhancing you’replaying power.

As for diet, make sure you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet. Not only is this important for your health,but it has a direct impact on your drumming performance. If you eat foods that contain a high level of fat or processed sugar your mood, energy levels, and speed of recovery will be affected.

3. Catch Those Zzz’s

Consistently sleeping 7-8 hours a night will help your brain restore itself after an instance day of playing. While you’re sleeping,you’re actually giving yourself time to process new information learned during the day. This mental recharge is so important to becoming the best player you can be.

4. Play with Other Musicians

Practicing solo can be very enjoyable. However, getting out and playing with other musicians is a great way to boost your confidence and learn some new things. If you’re trying to make a career out of drumming,this is also the perfect way to get out there and make connections.

Just as playing with other musicians can be fun, also take some time here and there to watch other drummers. This is a great way to progress in your playing ability. Consider studying YouTube videos that feature your favorite players and learn from the pros.

5. Have Fun

If you don’t enjoy what you do, the chances are you won’t be the best at it. You don’t want drumming to feel like a chore or something you’re pressured into doing. While you want to push yourself and step outside your comfort zone here and there,always remember to take some time to just freestyle and enjoy your playing without any pressures.