What to Do If You Are Too Busy to Date

Finding time to date when you have a full schedule can be difficult. Between hectic work schedules, household responsibilities, and maintaining a social life it may seem like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But are you really too busy to date or is that just an excuse? Retraining the way you think about dating and managing your schedule is the first step to successful dating for busy people.

Conquer Your Fear of Love

Dating and finding love can be terrifying for some people. Past experiences may shape future interactions and rejection or heartbreak can often influence big decisions, like going out and meeting new people.

It’s okay to be nervous about dating, but if you’re using insecurity as an excuse to say you have no time to date, it’s time to conquer that fear of love. Take a scientific approach and analyze past romantic relationships to find out why they didn’t work, and then use that information to set new expectations. To fall in love, you have to let your guard down and let the other person in.

Redefine What “Date” Actually Means

A date doesn’t have to mean expensive flowers and a romantic dinner. Every couple is different and simply spending quality time with your partner may be as easy as going out for coffee together or making time to perform activities you both like. Spending time together doing even simple tasks has a positive impact and is more likely to lead to a long-term relationship.

Think outside the box when you consider date plans and be flexible. Restructure your day or schedule a time to spend with your partner outside of work. Just spending time with one another can strengthen your bond.

Check Your Schedule

We make time in our schedule for important meetings, medical appointments, even hanging out with friends so if you think you’re too busy for a relationship you may want to restructure your schedule. Maybe you can even work remotely to free up more time if that is possible through your employer.

Take one night a week just to date or meet singles in your area. Mark it down in your phone calendar or a journal. Schedule your date nights just like all of your other important commitments and even if you don’t have a date planned for the night, use that time to focus on your relationship goals.

Decide to Prioritize

If you believe you’re too busy to date, it’s time to prioritize. The most successful people always concentrate on the important tasks and people in their lives. The reality is that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to do everything and deciding what is most important to you is the first step in starting a relationship.

Almost everyone procrastinates, but if you are more interested in doing work than seeing someone, they may not be the right match for you. If you don’t feel that spark, keep trying with someone else and adjust your strategy if necessary.

Online Dating Sites

Online dating services keep dating hassle-free even when you have a full schedule. You meet people that you may never have found otherwise, and it’s easy to share your common interests with one another. Dating sites are fantastic for busy singles because it only takes a few minutes to send messages or to scroll through your potential matches, so having no time for dating is no longer an excuse.

Using an online dating site also takes the pressure off of walking up to an attractive stranger and starting a conversation with them. By using a dating site, people that are usually too busy for a relationship suddenly have a way to meet local singles.

If Dating Is Important, You’ll Find a Way

People that are too busy to date should take a step back and focus on what types of goals they have set for themselves. Even when life gets hectic, find time in between work or other commitments to see your partner and this way even busy couples can find time for one another.

Even if you think you’re too busy for a relationship, take a few moments to consider what you want… do you want to date casually or are you thinking about marriage? Depending on what your goals are, you will always find a way to prioritize and make time in your life to start dating.  

Relationships between busy people don’t have to be stressful. Traditional dating methods are outdated and technology has made dating simple. If you really want to find someone special and start a relationship being busy isn’t an excuse. By deciding your goals and priorities in advance and rearranging your schedule to fit time in for dating, even the busiest singles can find time to date.

Written by Alice Drake

Emily Zettle is a copywriter and web content creator. She started writing copy as a marketing assistant for Dollar Tree in 2015 and currently creates blogs and articles for business clients.