Superb Christmas Party Ideas for Families with Small Children

Cute snowman snacks for your holiday party

Need to plan a brilliant Christmas party for this year? A party where both children and adults will have plenty of fun? Well, you’re in the right place since we will debate the topic in extenso in the following paragraphs. If you’re searching for some inspiration that will help you jumpstart your whole party planning process, keep reading below. From décor to food and entertainment ideas, we have everything you might be interested in, in the following paragraphs.

Suitable Activities for Children 

Accommodating the adults at your Christmas party will be fairly easy if you invest in some good wine and are open to discussions. But in order to keep the small ones entertained and help them waste their extra energy, you have to keep those entertained and active throughout your entire party. You can pick and choose out of a variety of entertainment ideas for toddlers and pre-schoolers. In the following paragraphs, we will share some of the best with you.

  • Pin-up Christmas tree activity for this age interval. A giant felt tree that can be decorated with different pins and felt decorations will certainly make your little ones’ delight. You can cut one tree like this yourself out of green felt fabric and DIY some easy-to-attach decorations yourself. You will shortly notice how all children will become increasingly entertained at your Christmas party. It’s a wonderful play date idea as well. 
  • A cardboard gingerbread house. Another great and entertaining idea would be to cut yourself and put together yourself a gingerbread house and have the children decorate it with crafty decorations. Let them get wild with those decorations and you will certainly have a crowd of happy children!
  • Build-your-own-snowman tray. This is the best type of activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers and you only have to cut out some white felt circles and supply your pre-schoolers with buttons and small tree branches to decorate their felt snowmen. 
  • Build-your-own-mittens activity. This is a fun type of activity that toddlers can enjoy at the Christmas party while the adults have their own fun. You simply cut out of coloured paper mitten shapes and let them stick and glue two together to create their own, indoor mittens. 
  • Christmas cookie playdough. This activity idea will most likely entertain all the children attending your party but also the adults since we all love a childish activity from time to time. Offer all the children just enough play dough and cookie cutters to have some great time and create their own fictional delicacies for this Christmas. But make sure they’re not that tempted to it those.

Organize a Candy Cane Hunt

This will keep the children busy for a while and will offer all parents the opportunity to discuss and interact like adults, without children interfering. Simply hide candy canes throughout the house and let children find those. Use individually-wrapped Christmas candy will also work amazingly for the same type of activity. For extra fun and excitement, add some toys and let those finding them keep those. Distribute paper bags among children and allow them to have a secure place where to collect their goodies and take those home. This certainly is an amazing Christmas party activity idea that everybody will love.

Bring a Santa By

To preserve all that Christmas magic and compress it into your party, you certainly want to hire a Santa, a friendly one. The experts at say that you should do your research quite in detail when
hiring a Santa for a children’s Christmas party as you want to be sure that the one who will interact with them is a reliable and trustworthy adult. And no, having an adult in your circle to play Santa’s role won’t be enough since you want to preserve the mystery and magic of this encounter. Otherwise, children might start suspecting something regarding Santa’s identity, a thing that you certainly want to avoid.

The Menu and Beverage

It’s important to pay increased attention to your entire menu when you plan such a complex Christmas party. You want to make it accessible and edible for both adults and children and you want to have varied courses, from simple and approachable menu items to more complex ones. This will make the entire dinner party so much more pleasurable for everybody involved.

When it comes to beverages, make sure that your non-alcoholic beverage menu includes varied items that can be easily mixed and match depending on how the children prefer those. Make sure to feature some fresh orange juice, obligatory, some hot cocoa and other children-friendly beverages. Adults can always entertain themselves with a glass of wine or other alcohol-infused goodies.

Invite everybody to decorate Christmas cookies

This is a fun and cozy activity that everybody will enjoy no matter their gender or age. This is a great way to interact with others and share some food and love. It’s by far one of the most wonderful Christmas activities that you could try. Make sure that besides the pre-baked cookies, you supply your guests with cookie icing and coloured sugar sprinkles. This will make quite a varied style of cookie decorating and you will most likely find yourself stunned by children’s creations.

Christmas Eve Christmas Tree Decorating

If you meet your loved ones with some time before Christmas, during the Christmas Eve, more specifically, this is the perfect time to decorate your Christmas tree together with your family, make sure that you supply just enough decorations to accommodate your needs and make sure that everybody contributes and has a pleasant time. You could try to DIY some decorations yourself if this is a thing that you find entertaining.

These are some of the best things that you can organize during your Christmas party this year. If you tackle all our suggestions, everybody at the party, no matter their age or gender will certainly have a pleasant and entertaining time.