Twitter All-set to Bar the Dehumanized Groups

Twitter is an online platform where people can socialize in simpler means. The bluebird logo indicates the Twitter where people share their views in the form of writing a tweet also called as status. Twitter is very well-known platform and is largely used by politicians, celebrities, sportsman and other influential people. The use of this social media website is increasing by each year as it is one the fastest mean of communication and news. For instance, internatinal astatistical survey done on the monthly active tweets between the first quarter 2010 to second quarter 2018 reveals that, the number of monthly active twitter users internationally excluding United States amounted to 267 million as at the most.

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It shows clearly that millions of people consume the platform in given time frame. It has proved to be of great significance to some people as one can easily share his/her feelings with a simple tweet. In addition twitter has proved to be of great significance on the nature in which most international businesses are conducted. For instance, business looking to expand social reach.

Retweeting and lists for example reaches potential customers from outside your normal marketing methodologies; thus adding credibility to the company and spread message to previously untapped demographics. But “Twitter-war” has become the talk of the town these days. Retreating on somebody’s status and bashing them has become quite common.

The use of cyber bullying and abuse has become a part of daily life. The use of online path to lower the morale of their people has become talk of the town these days. The usage of this type of language and socializing not only affects the reputation of the website but also affects the personal life’s’ of the users. Additionally the worst of all in the use of twitter is the likelihood of spreading war rumors which can spark off the violence and ethnic clashes, for example, twitter allow the researcher to to predict the future, citing as one of the example of early tweets that is associated with 2013 coup d’état in Egypt. platforms are said to be a significant role in people’s life as they learn a lot of stuff from these places and use them in their everyday tasks.

In this notion, Twitter has taken a big step towards humanity by tackling the usage of “Dehumanized Language”. This step taken by Twitter is a bit late but it’s better to be late than never reaching the spot. Expanding on twitter existing hateful conduct policies prohibits users from threatening violence or directly attacking specific individuals in the basis of characteristics such as race, sexual orientation or gender. In the month of September, Twitter announced that it would make a policy and law to address the dehumanizing language. It is said that all the groups be it identifiable or unidentifiable will be blocked and banned if they break this policy. Even after the implementation of the policy still there are very famous people and groups who use this abusive and demoralizing language in their tweets and statuses. A researcher named Susan Beech, called such kind of attitude and language as dangerous speech as it can result in the arousal of violence and conflict. The users are a bit frustrated because of the negligence of the authorities as being such a big platform requires work of responsibility as well.

The most notorious person in this case is American president Donald Trump, who always makes headlines for his dehumanizing speech and tweets. The situation worsened when he called Marisa Manigault as a crazed lowlife and dog in his tweet. This resulted in a huge Twitter war which maligned the reputation of the website and people as well. This type of socializing has greatly affected the number of users of this social media platform. As the growth curve has only decreased in the recent months.

Twitter in the recent past many people around the world has turn it into a tool of spreading rumors and political propaganda in most countries with Africa as abase study. In Kenya the ethnic clashed as result of election that broke out in the year 2007-2008 was directly triggered by social media, In respect to twitter as example of thru social media, it led to loss of lives of innocent citizen and even to date many hearts are not healed as they remember the lost loved ones. Egypt no forgetting to mentioned also suffer the same consequence of twitter abuse as one of the social media platform, it lead to coup d’etat leading to deadly violence that claimed the lives of many innocent people.

People basically need peace of mind in their free time whereas the availability of such online essays related to the demoralization of humans and verbal abuse has wide ranging effects on the nervous system. This kind of attitude has made people more violent and touchy and they have lost their ability to absorb certain situations actually.

In conclusion, the war on social media particularly twitter should never be the sole obligation of the company owner, government should come up with internationally recognized regulation body that has the mandate and power to tackle on this abuse offenders and brought to book. People too especially the twitter used must exercise restrain and respect on the use of twitter. The twitter owner/the company must too conducts some research of best practices to combat the twitter crime and come up with policies that govern and controls the registration on the platform and the accessibility of the clients internationally.