Top 5 Romantic things to do for Couples in Nashville

Synonymous with country sounds, Nashville is the largest metropolitan area in the US state of Tennessee. Take a stroll down the city’s main thoroughfare any night of the week and you’ll hear lively bands getting toes tapping to a diverse range of musical styles. Some bars have different groups blasting out tunes on separate levels of the establishment; a scenario being repeated from street to street. There’s also an annual film festival, a fashion week, steeplechase racing and outdoor music festivals, not to mention galleries, air fairs, and sumptuous restaurants. For such a thriving location, it would be hard to recommend the most romantic things for couples to do here. But
whether you’d like to find local singles, or you’re looking for places to invite a partner, here are five of the best.

Visit the electrifying Grand Ole Opry

Mention Nashville to most people and the first word that springs to mind is music; specifically country and western, gospel or bluegrass. One of the most romantic nights out you can have in this vibrant location is to attend the Grand Ole Opry, or as it’s also known,‘home of American music.’ This venue boasts a weekly musical event which dates all the way back to 1925. Over the decades an incredibly diverse range of performers has kept the crowds captivated and hollering for more, including country legends Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, and Hank Williams. In more recent times, audiences have been wowed by Garth Brooks. Even if country music isn’t
necessarily your first choice of listening material at home, you’ll soon be swept aside by the whole atmosphere of this fantastic event. In-between musicians there are plenty of outlets for you to grab some refreshments before the next
bout of dancing.

Follow Mark Twain down the river

The Cumberland River flows right through the heart of this city and makes a fabulous romantic backdrop for a romantic river trip. What better way to savor the local atmosphere than climbing aboard a pleasure cruiser to enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner, while Nashville’s myriad lights, the moon and the stars form a breathtaking backdrop as you glide by? There is always live music in accompaniment, and the sternwheeler vessel chugging through the Southern river’s muddy waters will remind you of times gone by when celebrated author Mark Twain was writing his adventures.

Soar across the city by balloon

Another fantastic way to explore Nashville is to climb aboard a hot air balloon and soar above the skyline. These rides are a popular attraction amongst visitors to ‘Music City,’ offering unforgettable panoramic views of the city sprawling below, all the way to the Appalachian Mountains to the east. The actual basket offers just enough room for two, which makes it perfect for any romantic couple to snuggle together and soak up the scenery.

Head into the heart of Tennessee wine country

One of the most popular activities for a romantic excursion is to head into Arrington vineyards. Here you can stroll through scenic grapevines, then sample some of the mouth-watering and multi-award winning local produce. As you imbibe the delicious Tennessee wines you can gaze over the landscape of hills gently rolling into the distance.

Sample the finest Southern cuisine

One of the highlights of any romantic trip to Nashville is the opportunity to tuck into its world-renowned Southern cuisine. There are so many fantastic restaurants to choose from, but particularly worth visiting is Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse. The kitchens serve up a melting pot of delicious flavors, including a fine selection of American, International and Swiss feasts.