Jessica Lynn Releases First Ever Holiday Song “Santa You Can Skip Our House”

It may not be Thanksgiving just yet, but many are already experiencing the joy of the holiday season. One who is feeling especially festive this year is country singer-songwriter Jessica Lynn.

Lynn released her new Christmas song, “Santa You Can Skip Our House,” to radio this week and is already winning the praise of the radio stations she has befriended over her years of self-driven success. The upbeat, cheerful song about having everything one could possibly want by simply being with someone he/she loves celebrates the true spirit of the holidays — togetherness and gratitude. Rather than begging Santa to slide down her chimney with material items, she insists he fly his sleigh right over her home because she is completely fulfilled.

We encourage you to take a listen to Lynn’s song and a page out of her book by celebrating the joy and love that the holidays are all about, rather than focusing on tangible things. We promise you won’t be disappointed by allowing your heart to overflow with appreciation.