Fried sunflower seeds: about the benefits and danger of the product

Fried sunflower seeds are a product that is very popular in the world. There are several ways to prepare it, giving a delicacy of various flavors and tastes. But are fried sunflower seeds useful? It is necessary to consider carefully their properties in order to determine the positive and negative sides.

Chemical composition

The seeds of sunflower contain so many components important for the human body that they can be called a full vitamin and mineral complex. However, a natural product is much more useful than artificially created drugs.

As for caloric content, 100 g of seeds contain 650 kcal. It’s a lot.

The benefits and harm of fried sunflower seeds are in their composition. Experts have found that the plant has a beneficial effect on the human body, because it has all the necessary substances.

  • Vitamin A, improving the condition of the skin and eye health.
  • To replenish the daily norm of vitamin E, it is enough to eat only 50 g of seeds. The component is a powerful natural antioxidant, contributes to the full operation of the heart muscle.
  • By the amount of vitamin D needed for bone growth, sunflower seeds overtake many foods.
  • A large amount of vitamin B helps to normalize the functioning of the central nervous system,
    gives the hair and skin a well-groomed, attractive appearance.

The use of fried sunflower seeds is also in the presence of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fatty acids, starch. In the chemical composition of the product, there are no elements that could be dangerous to humans. However, the seeds can bring harm, but about it later. In the meantime, we turn to the useful properties, stopping at this point in more detail.

Beneficial features

Despite the fact that the calorie content of the seeds is quite high, many professional nutritionists recommend including them in the menu to prevent the development of certain pathologies. Why are seeds useful? The list of their advantages includes the following properties.

  • They help to strengthen and increase muscle mass.
  • They play the role of a preventive agent against the pathologies of the heart and liver.
  • Helps reduce cholesterol in the body.
  • Improve appetite, activate mental activity.
  • Due to the zinc content, sunflower seeds increase the protective functions of the body, and
    normalizes the functioning of the reproductive system.
  • Activates the regeneration of bone tissue, heals lesions on the skin.
  • Vitamin A not only provides good vision, but also struggles with the problems of premature
  • Vitamin E makes the skin, nails, hair attractive and healthy. Antioxidant action serves as the
    prevention of atherosclerosis.
  • B vitamins fight against dandruff and with the main symptoms of problem skin.
  • Vitamin D has a beneficial effect on the development of the human bone system.
  • Dried seeds can improve the functioning of digestion system.
  • If you cleanse the seeds of the sunflower with your fingers, as it is recommended by dentists, it allows you to massage the nerve endings. Such manipulations eliminate fatigue and irritability.
  • Sunflower seeds help you to recover more intensively after viral and infectious pathologies.
  • The product will be useful in atherosclerosis, heart disease, gall bladder, kidney.
  • Seeds enrich the body with useful micronutrients. They are an excellent natural alternative to
    the advertised vitamin and mineral complexes.
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Recently, seeds have been used in the cosmetology. Scrubs are produced on their basis that have a beneficial effect on the regeneration of the epidermal structure and cellular renewal. Now we know how useful fried seeds are, but it is worth noting the fact that the positive properties of the product that has undergone such heat treatment are lower in comparison with the dried ones. On the nutritional value, many dishes lag far behind seeds, which are perfectly absorbed by the human body.

Malicious influence

Many people eat fried seeds with pleasure, and they are often not even consider the harm and the benefit of the product. In fact, they do have negative properties.

  • If a person is prone to overweight and tries to lose weight or keep himself in shape, it is better to refuse seeds because they are caloric.
  • Purchased ready-to-use product sometimes contains cadmium. This element is often used in the process of soil cultivation and negatively affects health.
  • It is forbidden to clean the seeds with teeth, as this procedure harms the enamel. As a result, it is damaged, and the sensitivity is significantly increased. Such consequences entail a lot of unpleasant sensations.
  • Are seeds harmful for vocal cords? Yes, the product really negatively affects the characteristics of the voice, so singers should not consume it.
  • The delicacy is contraindicated to people who suffer from symptoms of enterocolitis, gout, peptic ulcer.
  • Seeds, fried in a pan with oil, do not bring absolutely no benefit, on the contrary, they contain carcinogens provoking the formation of cancer cells.
  • The consumption of a large amount of the product causes heartburn.
  • In some cases, individual intolerance to sunflower seeds is observed. Accordingly, you should not eat them.
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For sure, at least once in our life, each of us heard that eating fried seeds leads to an inflammation of the appendix. In reality, this is nothing more than a myth. Scientific studies prove the absence of negative impact on the body.

The damage from fried sunflower seeds in most cases is manifested depending on the individual characteristics of each person. For someone it’s just a delicious treat that you can eat at your leisure, and for other person – a powerful allergen.

Rules for frying sunflower seeds

Villagers will be able to grow sunflowers themselves. Homemade products are considered to be of the highest quality, because they will not contain any chemical compounds. It is important to fry the seeds properly, so that they retain the maximum number of elements of their rich composition. The ideal dish is a pan made of cast iron with a thickened bottom. It is pre-heated, and then filled with seeds. It is necessary to make sure that the frying pan is absolutely dry and well warmed. Seeds must be constantly mixed, so that they are fried evenly.

Set a weak fire, then the product will be well dried, and the heat will equally spread throughout the surface. When the husks begin to emit a light crackle, it’s time to try the dish for the readiness check.

Many people adore fried seeds, and the benefits or harm of the product are of little concern to them. Remember that even the most useful and safe product will become harmful if it is in unlimited quantities. A beneficial effect on the body is achieved only with moderate consumption, otherwise you are not expecting very pleasant consequences. It is important to observe the established contraindications, as well as adhere to the rules for cooking the product and avoid over-frying.




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