Eli Young Band member doesn’t want to die in Westeros, thank you very much

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Game of Thrones is an amazing T.V. show, but would you want to live in the land of Westeros in real life?

Mike Eli of the Eli Young Band says no, thank you.

Back in 2016, Mike had revealed that he was waiting to “start this Game of Thrones thing.” I’m not sure how far into the series he got, but it sure sounds like he’s got far enough to know he doesn’t want to live in the fictitious land of White Walkers and the Mother of Dragons.

When asked recently what T.V.  show world he’d like to live in Mike’s first thought was Game of Thrones. But then he thought of the body count and wisely changed his mind.

“Everyone dies in Game of Thrones, so I’m going to skip Game of Thrones.”

After thinking it through a little more, Mike says he’d probably choose to live in the now-cancelled T.V. show Nashville due to how they made the music biz seem.

“The way that they glorify differently how the music business is, sometimes I wish I lived in that Nashville versus the music business the way it is because it’s a lot different than the way it’s glorified in the TV show. So I’m going to say Nashville.”

Solid answer, Mike. Solid answer.

What about you? What show would you want to live in if you had the chance?

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