10 Korean Skin Care Tips by Fabulive You Need to Know

Korean people are known for their beautiful skin. The reason for their beautiful skin is that they take care of it a lot. It was seen that even in ancient times, women used a lot of different techniques to take care of their skins. It is a part of their culture, and hence in today’s times, many Korean companies come up with numerous skincare products because people in Korea are surely interested in taking care of their skin. Looking at the beauty of the Korean people, others from all around the world have also started trying out Korean skincare products. People want to know the things that the Koreans do to keep their skin fresh and young for so long. Here we have written down 10 Korean skincare tips that will give you the glowing skin that you need.

Exfoliate with A Washcloth

One of the most important things that one can do to keep their skin healthy is removing all the dead cells. If you follow the Korean technique, you will not have to spare extra time to take care of your skin. You can do this in the shower itself. After you have showered, your skin is already soft. Hence take a washcloth and dip it in some warm water. Now massage your face with this washcloth gently. This will remove the dead skin on your face. You can do this thing every day and have beautiful skin.

Try Blurring On Your Face

Blurring is the technique in which the blemishes, scars, and all the imperfections on the face are blurred out with the help of makeup products. The technique is to apply blurring products on your skin so that people cannot make out whether or not you have any scars or blemishes on your face. You can buy blurring HD foundations at many Korean makeup stores. You could also check out cushion compacts here skorbeauty.com/makeup/why-you-should-get-a-korean-cushion-compact-in-2021.

Try Natural Looking Lip Colors

People in Korea do not go for heavy lip shades. Instead, they go for natural-looking colors. If you enhance the natural color of your lips, you will look much more attractive. Hence, try out the Korean lip products and also the Korean technique to apply lipstick for a much natural look on your lip.

Steam Your Face Regularly

One of the reasons that the face looks dull and lifeless is because of the accumulation of toxins and oil. Koreans take care of this by steaming their face on a regular basis. Steaming your face every now and then is said to remove excess toxins, accumulated oils, and dirt and dust that can lead to acne and blackheads on the skin. Your pores will also open up, and your skin will be able to breathe better. Browse here to see all choices of cleansing products.

Use Sleep Face Masks in The Night

The night is the time when your skin repairs itself hence it is essential that you take care of your skin especially at night. Use a mask that is specially designed for night. This mask can be applied to the face before you go to bed and you can take it off in the morning. These masks will give you the desired glow, and your skin will look fresh in the morning. The best part is that these masks are helpful for people who have sensitive and acne-prone skin. These masks come with different essences and can be used for treatment.

Sheet Masks Are Essential

We all know that sheet masks have become extremely famous these days and this is all because of the Koreans. Sheet masks originated as a Korean skincare product. Applying a sheet mask on your face has proved to make it glow and look amazing. You can buy sheet masks made with different kinds of serums here and apply it on your face 3-4 times a week so that you get the natural glow.

Use Ginseng Beauty Products

Herbal products are common in Korea and Ginseng is one product that is used in their daily routine. Since Ginseng is one herb that is used in their food, Koreans get a lot of it in their diet. They also use face masks as well as creams made of Ginseng. Ginseng is good for the skin. You can also include Ginseng tea in your diet as it has some fantastic antioxidant properties that will decrease the toxicity of your skin.

Massage Your Face

One of the oldest beauty rituals in Korea is massaging the face. Koreans always apply the beauty products in the circular motion on their skin so that it looks plum. It would be best if you also started massaging your skin on a regular basis. but not the least, follow these Korean skin care tips and get the skin you always wanted. If you want to buy good makeup products for your skin, visit Fabulive. Whenever you are applying a product such as moisturizer, toner or even face wash, apply it on your skin in a circular motion and massage your skin with it. This will improve blood circulation on your face.

Apply Facial Serum

Women in Korea believe in applying facial serum between the layers of moisturizers. The perfect way to do it is to apply a thin layer of moisturizer and then apply the facial serum on top of it. Finish this with another layer of moisturizer. The facial serum will keep your skin hydrated and will also make it look fresh and dewy naturally. You can pick the facial serum as per your needs and skin type. This also has a light fragrance that will make you smell amazing all throughout the day.

Wash Face with Rice Water

Rice is the staple dish in Korea, and they have rice with almost every meal. This is the reason that rice water is common in Korea. People in Korea wash their faces with rice water for a healthy glow. If you do not eat rice and do not want to make your rice water, you can choose an alternate solution. You can buy makeup products that have rice water or its extracts in it. The makeup products are available on many websites or stores.

One of the other things that Korean people use is good makeup products. They do not apply chemical-based makeup products that can ruin their skin. They are extra-protective for their skin and are very particular and choosy when it comes to makeup products. Makeup surely is essential for your skin at times. Makeup gives your face an extraordinary glow and makes you look beautiful. When you properly apply makeup on your skin and use good makeup products, you get a glowing and shining face.

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