The Grace Leer Band Releases New Single “Old Songs”

If you’re anything like me, you can travel back in time by turning on some music. Whether it is a childhood friendship, a teenage memory, the happiest day, or the saddest moment, an old song can put you right back in that place as if you are experiencing it all over again. The Grace Leer Band captures the soundtrack to our lives perfectly in one track, written by band member Kyle Clouse. “Old Songs” serves as the group’s sophomore single, following up “Oh Night” seamlessly.

The song is a continuation of the traditional sounding country music that we were introduced to with the band’s first release, showing that these North Californians turned Nashville residents haven’t sacrificed themselves to fit in the proverbial mold. If their music isn’t already impressive enough (catch a live show the next time you visit Music City), the fact that this group has undoubtedly stayed true to itself since relocating will make you proud to be a fan.

“Old Songs” is now available everywhere you can download and stream music. Click here to check it out on Apple Music/iTunes and here to listen on Spotify. You can also take your first listen to the Clouse-penned tune by clicking the play button below!