Lena Stone Releases New Single “October” (Listen Now!)

Shortly following the release of her stunning self-titled debut EP, Lena Stone is bringing fans another new track, just in time for the month that inspired the lyrics.

October,” written by Stone, along with friends Savannah Keyes and Simon Reid, came to life when the three walked into a write and began to think about their anticipation of the Fall months, which seem to pass all too fast.

The idea for the song was born in the room that day when we were all just talking about how beautiful the fall is, and how quickly it’s over, just like some of the best love stories.

Also beautiful is Stone’s performance of “October.” The acclaimed singer-songwriter lends her gorgeous vocals to the ballad, comparing a love to the thirty-one days that are gone in an instant. Despite having to say goodbye to her favorite time of the year and the man who changed her world, Stone delivers the song with a combination of sorrow and joyous nostalgia, exhibiting to listeners that the time she got to spend with him made her heartache worthwhile.

Stone’s new single, available now across all digital platforms, will bring you warmth as the cooler months roll in and will take you back to that unforgettable and unregrettable time in your life when residual pain was nothing compared to the abundance of happiness that preceded it.

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