Lauren Alaina Serenades Route 91 Survivor

It’s no secret that Lauren Alaina is one of the kindest and most emotional artists out there. Her genuine responses to people and things also make her one of the most relatable artists in the industry.

Alaina showed her soft side during a recent meet & greet when she came face-to-face with Route 91 Harvest Festival shooting survivor, Sabrina Esparza. Esparza approached Alaina while wearing a tank top sporting the lyrics to Alaina’s personal tune, “Doin’ Fine.” She then spun around and showed the No. 1 singer-songwriter a tattoo of the lyrics on her shoulder blade. Esparza explained to Alaina that her song had helped her work through the trauma following the shooting.

Seeing her lyrics permanently etched on Esparza’s body brought Alaina to tears.

However, that is not where their interaction ended. Because Alaina had not performed “Doin’ Fine” the night before, Esparza asked her to sing the chorus with her right then. Without skipping a beat, Alaina requested that the music playing over the loud speaker be turned down and she broke into a stunning a cappella performance of the song.

Watch Lauren Alaina’s emotional meeting with Sabrina Esparza here:

So Sabrina’s dream came true today!!! She finally met her IDOL Lauren Alaina!!! I haven’t seen Sabrina this happy in a long time…it’s the cutest darn thing EVER!!! Love you Brina????

Posted by Susan Bisharat on Sunday, September 23, 2018