Gab Exclusive: Rising Country Star Jenny Tolman Encourages Positivity with Chris Stapleton Cover

Image via FOCO Creative.

In an age of craziness and fake news on social media, rising country singer/ songwriter Jenny Tolman is delivering a much needed dose of positivity. While she recently released her single, “Rock and Roll to my Country Soul,” Tolman is taking her country roots to a cover of Chris Stapleton’s gritty and soulful ballad, “Millionaire.”

In order to promote gratitude on her social media, Tolman hosts a unique series of posts called Jenny’s Joy Jar, asking Instagram fans to comment with something they are grateful for.

Of the movement, Tolman says:

I wanted to start doing something that created a positive environment on my social media, so every Sunday, I post a picture with something that I’m grateful for and invite everybody to comment with something that they are grateful for. Then, I write down their gratitude statements and put them into a mason jar that I call #jennysjoyjar. Once the jar is full, I post a video of me drawing out a gratitude statement, and whoever’s it is gets to choose a cover song for me to do! This round, the song ended up being “Millionaire” by Chris Stapleton. I’ve loved this song ever since I heard the writer, Kevin Welch, play it at a workshop I attended a few years back.

Watch Jenny Tolman cover “Millionaire” here!

Make sure to follow Jenny on social media on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her official website here.


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