As suggested by the name, country music has a rich aroma of sentiments and feelings of a rural image; it reminds us of the lush green meadows, the mountains, yellow sunshine, a beautiful little country house, happy people, and the guitar. But what happens you are supposed to write an essay on country music for your college application?

For music students preparing to enroll in college, the most crucial portion of the application is the essay portion. Many admission board members assert that your application essay can either scuttle your chances or solidify your approval – that is how powerful your application essay is. Therefore, knowing what to write and how to write your student essay is extremely important. These tips are beneficial in helping you get started by offering some simple guidelines regarding what not to do and what to do when you are writing your application essay.


The title of your essay should be unique and original. Writing generically without supported generalizations is unexciting and tiresome to read. As a music student preparing to enroll in college, your music college essay is the one shot given to you to convey a glance of your character, the kind of individual you currently are, and what you desire to bring to the academic community at that institution to the approval committee. You can successfully achieve this by:

Write down ideas about your personality traits, strengths, ambitions, and topics that will efficiently answer the prompt ideas or essay question.

Write without Restraint
Let your writing flow in your first draft. Do not stop to worry about structure or grammar, you can edit once done.

Be creative
Like all successful writing, your opening line should be engaging. The approval board is probably going through hundreds, if not thousands, of essays, therefore, yours should stand out. An engaging opening line should grab their attention and want them to read more of your essay.

Be Candid
Do not exaggerate or fabricate your experiences. Do not compose your essay based on what you suppose the approval committee will want to hear. Compose your essay by using personal experiences.

Choose an Appropriate Topic 
Keep away from controversial, sensitive, or political subjects. Experts from Connolly Music emphasize excluding things such as your opinion of what the President said during the UN banquet or how you overcame anxiety. Additionally, avoid the typical clichéd ideas. Your essay does not provide grounds for you to exalt yourself or make yourself a victim. Your essay presents an opportunity for the institution of your choice to understand who you are.

College essays about music should exhibit self-awareness and a sense of perspective (yours) that is compelling to others. Such essays should be authentic and convey your quality of thinking. Write humbly, not modestly. You are writing about your passions and abilities, so do not downplay yourself.


Form is very fundamental when you are composing your short essay on music. Even though you prefer not to create a standard essay that bores the board, your essay should still abide by the basic essay structure (Introduction, 3-4 body paragraphs, conclusion). Your paragraphs should adhere to the rules of composition: Topic sentences to introduce your content, statements should be supported by details and examples, and an appropriate amount of transitions should be employed. To write a successful piece, you should:

Start Early
As stated in Business Insider, you should look at the prompts for the colleges you want to apply to, make a separate word document for each of them, and start writing early. When the school year comes, you will have some editing to do, but it will make the application process simple.

Follow the Instructions
Each institution has different aspects that they want to examine, therefore, ensure that you cover the points requested in the essay.

Know your Audience
Although it is natural to want to flex your intellectual muscles, do not use words or phrases that you do not fully understand. The institution wants to know more about you. Avoid using jargon, but use your own voice. Use active voice and be concise.

Ensure that there are no grammatical errors present in your essay by having other people read it or reading it aloud by yourself. If you want an expert opinion regarding your essays music, you can consider service where you can get assistance from experts who will proofread, correct, and edit your essay for you.

Get Feedback
Ask instructors, friends, and parents to read and critique your work. Individuals who know you best can easily offer insights into your character, so do not be afraid to ask them.


Writing your application essay does not have to be difficult. Just remember to start early, follow the instructions, know your audience, proofread, make corrections, and get feedback. Follow the above simple rules and guidelines and you will be a shoo-in the institution of your choice. Good Luck!

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