Dierks Bentley is manifesting his future with his phone number

Dierks Bentley’s dreams and his cell phone are helping the singer get to where he really wants to be 
Dierks Bentley in the mountains
Photo via Greenroom PR

Dierks Bentley has had a great life in Nashville, but it turns out Nashville isn’t where he wants to spend the rest of his life. Despite being successful enough to move and do whatever he wants, it’s actually his phone number that he says is helping him get to where he truly wants to be.

Last month, Dierks launched his first ever Seven Peaks Festival in the mountains of Colorado. He also spent time in those very mountains working on his newest album, the appropriately titled “The Mountain.” And, as it turns out, those mountains are also where Dierks is hoping to one day land permanently.

And he’s using his flip phone to help make that happen.

In a recent interview with The Denver Post, the interviewer noticed that Dierks was calling from a local number rather than a Nashville one and asked him about it. That’s when Dierks revealed that he’s manifesting his future with the help of his number.

I got a flip phone with a Denver number. I’m kind of transitioning away from my smartphone, I’m just so sick of the thing. And I thought, “I want a Denver area code” because I believe in the power of manifesting your goals, like making something your password that you’re aspiring toward, and having it be something you look at every day constantly so it will lead you there. One day I’ll be out there, but for now I’m in good old Nashville — traffic and bachelorette parties everywhere.

Dierks goes on to explain that he loves Nashville but it’s no substitute for the mountains.

I left home, went away to school when I was 14, and came to Nashville when I was 19. I’ve been out here for 25 years. Sometimes my wife will find me out in the backyard, regardless of the weather, in a foldout lawn chair trying to find the sunset through the trees. It’s no substitute. I’ve just reached a place where I’ve had enough success, and as a pilot I feel like I can be a little more mobile. My kids are pretty happy in school here so it’s a constant struggle with that. I would just prefer to be there. But I can’t be.

He says that since he can’t be where he longs to be right now, he’s taken to scheduling things for the area, such as the Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

A famous singer manifesting his future with the help his flip phone – there’s gotta be a song in that.



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