Chart Topping Country Songs of 2018

Keepin’ It Country

There are few things more sweet and refreshing than a good country song and a glass of perfectly chilled iced Southern-style sweet tea. Every year thousands of new country songs come out that spark our imagination and put some fire and passion back into our lives.

Country music has a way of transporting people to not just a place, but a time when things were simpler, and people worried more about how they felt than what they thought. Thankfully, that hasn’t all changed, at least not yet. There are still millions of country fans out there, and plenty of artists still making great songs to this day. That is why we put together a list of the best country songs of 2018:

Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset – This soulful song from Luke Bryan has been topping the charts for a while now. Having been on the chart for over 17 weeks now, this song has held its spot at number 4 on the top 40, and shows no signs of slowing down.

Heaven – This is another hit from the talented up-and-comer Kane Brown. This song has been on the top 40 charts for country for a whopping 49 weeks, making it one of the longest running ones on this list. Heaven has more soul than most music, so it is no wonder why. Currently  Heaven holds the number 5 spot on the top 40, and has peaked at the number 2 spot.

Hooked – This little diddy by Dylan Scott shows us just how strong of an impact music has on people. This song has been on the top 40 chart for over 46 weeks now. It has been slowly climbing the charts. Last week it was at position 11, this week it has peaked at 6, many are anxious to see if this one will make it to the number one spot. Only time will tell.

Simple – This chart-topping track belongs to the talented Florida Georgia Line. They have proven that you don’t need a bunch of fancy bells and whistles to have a hit country song. This one is just like the name suggests, simple, sweet, and pure. Only on the charts for 16 weeks not, Simple has already climbed to the number 3 spot, and is still holding there after another week of new songs. It will be interesting to see which direction this one goes next week.

Tequila – This one by Dan + Shay is a lot of fun. On the chart for 35 weeks now, Tequila has stubbornly remained at the number 2 spot on the top 40 country songs for a while now. While it has never held the number one spot, it could very well if things continue the way they are.

Meant to Be – From Bebe Rexha and Florida Georgia Line, this is just one of those songs that goes straight to the top and stays there. Meant to be has been on the top 40 list for over 42 weeks now, that’s over 10 months. In its whole time on the list, it has not held any other spot but number one. After you listen to the song though, it isn’t hard to see why.