Brett Eldredge wears a goat hat for the sweetest reason ever

That amazing voice, those amazing blue eyes, and …. that amazing goat hat? Yep. 
Picture: Brett Eldredge Facebook page

After finding out Brett Eldredge‘s very sweet reason for sporting his newest accessory – a baseball cap with the words “Schwager Show Goats” on the front of it – I’m betting you’ll probably want a Schwager Show Goats hat of your own.

On Facebook yesterday, the singer shared the amazing reason he’s been wearing his new hat and it all has to do with a cute kid at the fair … and the lost hopes and dreams of adulthood.

It’s a whole thing.

He writes:

A kid walked up to me and gave me this hat at the Iowa state fair this summer..he had a big smile on his face and a spark in his eyes…I could see his passion and how proud he was to hand me that hat with his name on it…I saw that kid and thought of being that age and the magic that the world held in my eyes…as you grow up, you see the realities and the struggles life can bring…but deep down, you’re still that kid, and the Magic is still there…that is why I wear this hat…thanks for the reminder…you are the GOAT kid

Oh. Emm. Gee. “You are the GOAT kid.” As in the Greatest Of All Time. Seriously, can this man get any sweeter?

On a side note, hey Schwager Show Goat kid, have your people call my people and we’ll figure out a way to market the heck out of your hat. If the Walmart Yodeling Kid has taught us anything it’s if you’re a cute kid with a schtick, it pays to strike while the iron’s hot. :0)



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