Woman Pays Keith Urban’s Tab…Not Knowing Who He Was!


When a woman in New Jersey resolved to be a Good Samaritan and help out Wawa customers, she never thought one of them would be a country superstar. That’s just what happened to Ruth Reed, a New Jersey substitute teacher on Friday night.

“Three years ago, I made a resolution to treat somebody at Wawa once a week,” she said to NorthJersey.com. “I have done that ever since. It is the best. I would encourage everybody to do it because it makes you feel good about you.”

Reed said that the man ahead of her at a Wawa convenience store was short a few dollars, so she jumped in to help him. When he thanked her and said his name, she said that he looked like Keith Urban. Turns out, it was!

Reed admits that she didn’t believe him and thought “he was just yanking my chain.” However, once she asked his bodyguard to confirm his identity, she says, “It was then I realized what an idiot I was.”

“He was so gracious,” Reed said. “He was just so nice. He was awesome.”

Urban was in town for a concert in Camden, New Jersey that night. Urban, along with Kelsea Ballerini, will play shows this weekend in Cleveland, Bristow, and Virginia Beach before continuing on to Chicago, Cincinnati, and Nashville.