Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin: Overcoming their Marriage’s Challenge

Jana Kramer and Mike Caussin look great together with their lovely daughter Jolie in the recent photos posted all over the internet. Especially now with the announcement of their second child. One can’t help but be happy with this wonderful news. As I look into country music news in Nashville, I also wonder what the story of this couple is.

Jana Kramer

I remember Jana Kramer in Entourage, One Tree Hill and in the movie Click. With her talent in singing, she also got a record deal with Elektra records and produced several singles which were able to enter into the music charts.

A pretty, fresh face who instantly charmed her way to the hearts of viewers and fans all over the world. That’s probably why she also got married at a young age to Michael Gambino. Sadly, it was only months after when they got a divorce due to domestic violence and an abusive relationship. She got married to actorJohnathon Schaech which ended in another divorce then dated another country music singer Brantley Gilbert that also led to a break up.

Mike Caussin

In 2014, she started dating Mike Caussin who was a former tight end of the NFL. They split up after he cheated on her but they got back together and got married in 2015.

As a Couple

In August 2015, Jana was pregnant with their first daughter Jolie Rae born in Jan 2016. By August 2016, they separated and Mike underwent rehabilitation for undisclosed reasons.

It’s always important to look at both sides of the coin in every story to resolve a certain problem. So, I took the time to investigate on the issue and its resolution to this story. The couple reconciled in 2017 and renewed their wedding vows at the end of the year.

Coping and Moving Forward

The couple has been very open about the status of their relationship, whether it be up or down and shared it to the public.

One thing I appreciate about this couple is their honesty, willingness to acknowledge their weaknesses, and acceptance of the fact that there is a problem. Today’s society is dictated by ones image and how good one looks in front of people. It’s hard for most people to share these ugly things and the not-so-wonderful things that happen every day.

On Infidelity

Mike admitted that he did cheat. I’m sure that not a lot of man out there have the balls to admit such a thing. In addition to that, he was also willing to do whatever it takes to rebuild their relationship including marriage counselling and a retreat for their reconciliation. More importantly, he was willing to change and step up to be a better man, father and person. Seven months after Jolie was born, he also went into rehabilitation for an undisclosed problem. Acceptance itself is a hard process and he did that.

According to Mike, no amount of therapy and talk can make someone change. Change is a decision that one has to make himself or herself.

Truly, change is a conscious and active decision one should make. “Sorry” are merely words one can say but taking initiative and putting effort are essential for a marriage or any relationship to work.

Jana chose to stay in the relationship for Jolie. She wanted to let her know that she has done everything in her power to have a complete family. It’s not that she’s compromising her own happiness. As she said, she won’t stay if she was miserable in the first place.

On Miscarriages

Jana, despite her difficulty in dealing with Mike’s infidelity did try to really make it work. It’s not  just about the sex but trying to successfully conceive no matter the means just to make a family.

Jana suffered five losses including 3 miscarriages and 2 chemical pregnancies. Her first miscarriage happened before Jolie.

She shared, “It’s hard because it’s like ‘Have hope,’ but when you’re in that moment, hope is the hardest to find.”

No matter how difficult it was for her to conceive, she wanted a family so bad and that was her motivation. At the end of the day, love, hope, patience and open communication are the most important factors to make something work. No love story is perfect but with imperfections we find strength.


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