Top Vaping Musicians

A few years ago, very few people knew about e-cigarettes. Most thought that the vaping is another fashionable chip among young people, which will lose popularity quickly. First, they thought, it is impractical, and secondly, it is dangerous. Large tobacco companies have never been able to predict that vaping will compete with tobacco
products and will actively crowd out the market.

Using vape pens (check Vapingdaily for more info) is a very popular phenomenon turning into a kind of trend. The popularity of vaping can be explained not only by the fact that it acts as a safer alternative to smoking, but also because celebrities are involved in its PR publicly or unwittingly. In the press, especially the American, photos of actors and other famous people with wads in their hands began to appear more and more often. This added popularity to the popularity. Besides, vaping is commonly used in modern clips and advertisements, where this kind of steam looks very impressive.

Zayn Malik

Former band member of One Direction, Zayn Malik has undergone several changes in his personal and public life – including switching from cigarettes to vaping. Following a fashion trend or trying to live a healthier life – whatever his reason is, he looks adorable in the clouds of steam.

Is vaping fashionable?

You may probably ask. Certainly. It is the last 2-3 years that the industry has reached its popularity because the electronic cigarette looks stylish. It's not worth arguing, the paper looks cool, which is why the manufacturers make a lot of emphasis on design and style. A beautiful way of steel in the hands, a significant amount of steam and a
delicious smell of liquid somehow create a temptation on others. It doesn't even matter if you have the best vape pen ever built or just an ordinary one – you will look even more refreshing than any celebrity who does not smoke.

Katy Perry

She is one of those stars who love standing out. Katy loves everything bright, and her outfits are always impressive. She experiments with the color of her hair very often: it was pink, green, blue. Katy has her own line of perfumes. She is also a supporter of new technologies, and she also does not hide that the Internet and social networks help her connect with people around the world. She was caught with her vapor pen many times by paparazzi. There was a discussion about whether she had smoked cigarettes from the beginning, but we must admit that anyone who marries Russell Brend will be forced to quit smoking.

What are the harmful effects of smoking?

The harm of smoking is that it causes three basic diseases: lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, coronary disease. It has long been proven that tobacco causes deaths from lung cancer in 90% of all cases, from bronchitis and emphysema at 75% and from heart disease in about 25% of all cases. Approximately 25% of regular cigarette smokers will die prematurely due to smoking. Many of this number could live 10, 20 or 30 years longer. Deaths due to smoking on the average will lose 15 years of their lives. Smoking causes terrible harm, so smoking 13 times more often suffer from angina pectoris, 12 – myocardial infarction, ten times – stomach ulcer and 30 times – lung cancer.

There is no organ that is not affected by tobacco: the kidneys and bladder, the sex glands and blood vessels, the brain and the liver.

A lethal dose for an adult person is contained in one pack of cigarettes, if it is smoked at once, and for teenagers – half-packs.

The first and foremost advantage of electronic cigarettes is that during the consumption of nicotine, the user does not receive tar and carcinogenic substances that are traditional for tobacco smoking. Nobody will argue that electronic cigarettes are useful – it is helpful to quit smoking altogether. However, the use of electronic cigarettes brings much less harm than smoking.

Bruno Mars

The Hawaiian star invests in electronic cigarettes NJoy and is probably partly due to the fact that his mother died of an aneurysm of the brain. Mars promised to give up tobacco and went even further, promising to give up smoking altogether.

Why vaping is better than smoking?

Preventing heart diseases. Smoking has one of the most harmful effects on the activity of the cardiovascular system. Among smokers, vascular and heart disease are more frequent than in non-smokers. Smoking for many years is the cause of chronic hypoxemia – a low oxygen content in the blood and contributes to the appearance of atherosclerotic plaques. The harmful effect of smoking on the heart and the cardiovascular system as a whole is due to the effects of nicotine and toxic substances contained in the smoke.

Studies have confirmed the fact that people with psychiatric disorders are prone to smoking. It turned out that people with mental disorders smoke 40% more than without mental disorders. Doctors are sure, smoking and mental disorders mutually reinforce each other.

Simon Cowell

After experiencing a heart attack in 2012, music magnate Simon Cowell switched to vape pen mods. You can say anything about him and his music, but no one will deny the fact that his work is essential to him, and switching to electronic cigarettes will enable him to lead a healthier lifestyle.

And, even though the vaping is an alternative way to meet the need for nicotine (this is less harmful, more technological indulgence of its nicotine addiction), but this is not smoking! The user who has switched from cigarettes to electronics ceases to be a smoker. He has already started to bring much health less harm to his health.
This fact of "quitting smoking" (although nicotine consumption is maintained) is perceived by "converts" users of electronic cigarettes as a significant personal victory. It is a real victory that now they are less harmful to themselves and the environment. And it significantly improves self-esteem and raises the respect of others which is also essential.


Florence Temples is a healthy lifestyle blogger and independent journalist. She lives in Orlando (Florida). Florence researches her friends’ and relatives’ attitude to health and writes informative posts, encouraging people to give up bad habits.