Song We’re Gabbing About: David Nail’s “Heavy”


Few things make me happier than new music from David Nail. Although the golden-voiced singer parted ways with his longtime record label, Universal, a new project with is on the horizon.

Today, he released a new single with the Well Ravens, entitled “Heavy.” Speaking to Rolling Stone, Nail revealed:

In thinking about how to introduce this new music, I thought, “If this is something that is different from anything I’ve ever done, should we go with the song that’s the most different? Should we go with the song that would have the biggest impact, and what would that impact even be?”

“Heavy” is over a year old. When you listen to everything with a clear head trying to be objective as possible, I just felt like it was the one song that always seemed to sustain itself. Every time I heard it, I thought, “Maybe I underestimate how good that is.”

While the song may be a bit of a departure from Nail’s singles, his voice shines as it did on deeper album cuts such as “Burnin’ Bed” or “Half Mile Hill.”

Listen to David Nail and the Well Ravens’ “Heavy” now!