Did You Know Katie Stevens from Freeform’s “The Bold Type” Is a Nashville Girl?

Justin Coit/Freeform

If you are anything like us, you are glued to your television every Tuesday night when Freeform’s The Bold Type airs. The show about three best friends who work together (or do they?) and are by each other’s sides through personal and professional ups and downs is on everybody’s lips right now, and you may be surprised (and excited) to find out that the show’s main star has pretty tight ties to Nashville.

Katie Stevens, who plays Jane Sloan on the show, actually began her time in the national spotlight as a singer. She got her first taste of the small screen on American Idol during its ninth season. At that time, Stevens was only sixteen years old and stunning the country with her mature pipes. She went on to place eighth that season, but that was nowhere near the end of her road.

Before Stevens took on the role of Sloan in The Bold Type, she starred in MTV’s Faking It. She has also starred in a music video you might have seen — Dan + Shay’s “How Not To.”

Now, here’s where the Nashville connection kicks in!

Stevens is engaged to Paul DiGiovanni, Universal Music Group songwriter and producer. The two live in Nashville permanently, while Stevens travels back and forth between Music City and Los Angeles for work.

Part of what keeps the couple in Nashville is DiGiovanni’s booming career. He previously played guitar in band Boys Like Girls, but has gone on to score a pair of No. 1s (as writer and/or producer): “How Not To” and Jordan Davis’ “Singles You Up.” From working with Dan + Shay, DiGiovanni has formed quite a bond with the duo, ensuring that Stevens and the guys’ wives are, likewise, bonded. Stevens calls Dan Smyers wife, Abby, her “BFF” and will have her standing next to her at her wedding as one of her Matrons/Maids of Honor.

The moral of the story is, go check out The Bold Type and follow Katie Stevens on Instagram. Word on the street is that she has caught a little bit of the country music bug and can occasionally be seen playing gigs in Nashville. We know we’ll be keeping OUR eyes peeled!

The Bold Type airs on Freeform on Tuesday night’s at 8:00pm/7:00pm.

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