Jo Dee Messina Takes a “Holiday” Break with Sons

Jo Dee Messina recently released her song “Bigger Than This,” which is bringing joy and God’s word to those in need of a reminder of unconditional love. Since the April 6 debut of the song on Huckabee, Messina has been performing the powerful tune during her live show, eliciting standing ovations in cities across the country.

While Messina’s schedule is just about to hit its peak for summer dates, beginning with a stop at a Georgia church this weekend, the iconic and influential artist realized she needed to take a step back from that spotlight to spend time with her children. To that end, the country hitmaker who is breaking into the Christian space visited Santa Claus, Indiana’s Holiday World this weekend and is sharing some of the highlights with social media followers.

We spoke with Messina about her trip, and the nine-time No. 1 artist shared:

I was looking for a place to take a moment to be with friends and family. My son saw Holiday World on a TV commercial so we figured, it’s close, let’s do it. I didn’t even imagine all the things the park had. Kid-friendly food, free soda, and sun screen. Everything structured around a family’s need and experience. That’s besides the rides. The rides were a blast. I had my first experience with a water coaster and it was incredible. We stayed at the cottages in Lake Rudolph. The cottage had all we needed and the campground had more — lake to fish in, swimming pool, miniature golf. The entire trip was perfect. I actually came back from this trip rejuvenated and excited! The boys and I are still talking about each little moment that made us smile.

For those who continue to ask how Messina is doing after the tumultuous 2017 she has discussed publicly, it appears she is feeling great and loving every day. Between having the love of God and the love of her precious children, could she really ask for more?

To learn more about Holiday World, the park that Messina has been raving about, click here!

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